Interview w/ Bruno Mascolo of Drive A

Outside the Palladium in Hollywood on Oct. 27th, I caught up with singer and guitarist Bruno Mascolo of Drive A after they preformed and asked him a few questions.

Nicole: You guys have been touring all around, how does it feel to be back home in LA?

Bruno: It feels good, I mean it’s cool to see my family and all that so it’s cool to be back home.

N: Do you like touring with Bullet for My Valentine?

B: Oh, I love it! It’s been such an amazing time.

N: You’ve played in all sorts of venues. Do you prefer the bigger or the smaller ones?

B: I think it’s just a different place. Smaller venues are like more intimate with people and bigger venues are more of an event so they’re both fun.

N: Your album Loss of Desire came out in May of last year, do you have any plans for future albums?

B: Yeah, we do. We just recorded a new record actually this summer and it’s ‘gonna come out in January.

N: Nice. How is it going to differ from your other album?

B: Well we recorded it 100% live and the songs mean more and it’s a more old school punk kind of vibe.

N: When you arrange the order of the songs is it just random or do you choose a specific order?

B: I mean it’s kinda random, it’s just some songs go together well then some songs are our favorites, it just depends on what the final result of the album is.

N: And what comes first, Music or Lyrics?

B: Music. And then I do lyrics. For this record I kept a journal of like things I wanted to talk about and people I wanted to call out so whenever I was done with that they would be the lyrics of the songs.

N: How about the band’s name. How did you come up with that?

B: It’s like a musical term, like The Drive A and it later became our logo like an Anarchy flag so it’s like others use the anarchy toward the government but for us it’s anarchy toward society.

N: Okay, so now I’m gonna ask you some questions so fans can get to know you a little more. In between shows, what do you do?

B: Party! Get tattoos, go to restaurants.

N: Is there anything you wish you had on tour that you don’t have?

B: Maybe a car actually. That’d be cool to show up to venues and to be able to drive around.

N: What is the strangest item or food you request to have backstage?

B: Nothing really crazy, I mean like people made us Drive A cupcakes which were awesome so anything like that is a compliment.

N: What’s the last concert you’ve been to as a fan?

B: As a fan, I went to a concert here actually, the Cool Tour to see Cancer Bats.

N: Any weird fan stories?

B: No, not really any I can think of. Oh Yeah, I have one. One of our fans brought their plain white car and they had us spray paint our logo on it. So that was cool.

N: Thank you very much and looking forward to your new album.