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OK GO Concert Review By: Kayla Sand

FINALLY! The long awaited day had come!
It was Saturday, November 27th, 2010, and after waiting a month, a
very, very LONG month, it was finally here, OK GO AT CLUB NOKIA!
I’ve been waiting for this day for what seemed like an eternity! And finally it
was here. I woke up Saturday morning more excited than I had been for
a long time! It was such a relief to finally be going to a concert
again! It was the first one in over 3 months! So I got dressed and was
ready to head out! Until I realized that the concert didn’t start till
8 and my ride wasn’t showing up till 6, so I had about 7 hours to
kill. WORST SEVEN HOURS OF MY LIFE! I was bored to tears! I couldn’t
think of anything to make the time pass by quicker! Homework? Forget
about it. TV? Boring. So I turned on some OK GO(: good way to prep for
a concert, isn’t it? But even hearing their angelic voices all day,
time still hadn’t gone by as quick as I had hoped, but I fought
through it. And finally, when it was time to go, it was the best
feeling ever!
We arrived in front of the Staples Center, at around 7 and were
completely lost, until a spotted a big sign that said “Nokia”

“I FOUND IT GUYS!” I shouted excitedly!

“Really? Cause I didn’t know we were here to see “Yo Gabba Gabba live,” replied one of my friends.

“Oh, I guess this is just the “Nokia Center” then…oops,” I replied, feeling

So we asked a security guard and he directed us to go up to the
third floor where we went through security check and got 3-D glasses,
which was weird, yet exciting, and finally we were in Club Nokia!

The first observations I made was that it was really small, and that were
a lot of older people there. They weren’t necessarily “old” but…older
than I expected. The next thing I noticed was how they charged $1
for water. Who charges for water? When I finished my rant on how water
should be free, we got our wristbands and waited inside the pit!
The first band that came on was a band called Sunshine Darling, they
weren’t horrible, but I got a bit bored after a while, until on their
last song, the bassist from OK GO (Tim) came to play with them, which
was the only interesting part for me, maybe because I was really anxious for OK GO.
The next band to play was A Fine Frenzy. It was a girl who played piano, a girl playing the cello, and a guitarist, I believe. At first it was good, the girl had a good voice and she
sounded different in a way, but after a while, it all sounded the
same, it was like one really long song. She was on stage for about an
hour, which seemed too long for me!

When the were setting up for OK GO it was the most awful wait of all, mind you that the doors opened at 8, and the band didn’t go on until 11, standing the entire
time became pretty painful! But when they finally hit the stage it was
They opened with their famous song White Knuckles, as it finished,
everyone started cheering, and when they stopped, the singer, Damian
Kulash, announced that we would be hearing the song again that night,
which was a relief for my friend because it was her favorite song! How lucky that they were going to play it twice! When Damian
finished with his acoustic song Last Leaf, he announced that his
friend helped them make the video for White Knuckles 3-D and he
showed it to us, it was the coolest thing! I’m glad I got to
experience that! Later on in the show they brought out a table full of



different sized bells, and they played their song “Return” with hand
bells, it was amazing!

The song itself was very sad though, it is
about the death of someone close, and as Damian finished singing “You
were supposed to grow old. Reckless, un frightened and old,
you were supposed to grow old. Return. You were supposed to return.” I felt like crying, it was very sad. But thankfully, the rest of the songs were more mood-lifting.

After about an hour of playing, they went off stage, and everyone
started shouting “OK GO, OK GO, OK GO” which was weird, because
shouldn’t they have been shouting OK, COME BACK? And that was the
horrible joke I made multiple times throughout the evening. Anyway,
when they came back the lights turned out, and the smoke machine went
on, and they came out in a line, the next thing I knew, the back of
their jackets were lit up and flashing, slot machine noises came on,
and as their jackets glowed, the first one in line flashes “O” the

second flashes “K” the third “G” and the fourth “O” and the souneffect was if someone was winning money at  the slot machine! It was quite    impressive and very entertaining!


Tim’s bass was flashing the name of

The book that their third album was named after. The album being
called “Of the Blue Colour of The Sky,” and the book being called “The
Influence of the Blue Ray of the Sunlight and of the Blue Colour of
the Sky” The bass also shot out a laser from the tip, as did Andy’s
(the guitar player)

After hearing many songs, such as” Do What You
Want,” “Get Over It,” “Invincible,” “Skyscrapers,” and “I Want You So Bad I
Can’t Breathe,” plus more, I thought that they wouldn’t play their other
two most famous songs! Luckily I was wrong! One of their last songs was “WTF?”
Which was of course, amazing, and Damian had us all say “LET IT
GO, THIS TOO SHALL PASS” At first, we were “horrible” and he claimed San
Francisco was better, so we tried again. This time we beat San
Francisco, but we were still worse than Austin! We tried one more
time, and finally we lived up to his standards, they then started
playing ‘This Too Shall Pass” and everyone sang along to this closing song. This concert was absolutely AMAZING, OK GO is definitely
(in my opinion) one of the most talented bands, their music videos are
all amazing! They are VERY creative, if you couldn’t already tell and
even if you don’t like their music, you are sure to enjoy their concert and
videos! They are fun, they are cool, and they are original, they are
WONDERFUL. It was definitely one of the best Saturdays of my life!

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