Fair to Midland

Fair to Midland perform on March 11th 2011 at the Whisky A Go Go


Fair to Midland was to perform at the Whisky A go-go on March 11th 2011. I, of course was excited. The first time I saw them was only last year on the 17th of April. It was my first photo pass band. I picked up my photopass at the Troubadour with a little cheap digital camera to use.

Ever since then I have shot bands including Linkin Park, Blink 182, 30 Seconds to Mars, Halford and more. This time I would be a little more professional then a digital camera. As I ask for my ticket and photo pass the man at the window tells me that you don’t need a pass to take photos. He hands me a ticket and I walk inside.

Going as both a photographer and fan I look around the venue, for I have never been there before. As the opening bands set up, I look around for a merch. table. With none to be found, I notice there is an upstairs and decide to check there.

Once I see tables and some small lines I walk over to see Cliff, guitarist of Fair to Midland behind the table selling shirts, CD’s, Posters and giving out free stickers. I took 3 stickers as I look at which shirt I want. When I finally picked one, Cliff handed it to me and thanked me.

When the last opening band Periphery took the stage, I made my way downstairs. I enjoyed their music and did not expect a “screamo” ish band to perform. As they throw out waters and guitar pics I make my way to the front of the stage.

Fair to Midland walks out on stage and starts to set up. I see the entire band helping with the setup except for singer Darroh. I see a man wearing a head band wearing a shirt with a smiley face with one sleeve cut off and think he is part of the crew. After about 30 minutes the band goes upstairs and the lights dim. The same guy with the interesting outfit comes onstage and stands near the drum set. The rest of the band follows and they go straight into a song. The man starts singing and I became shocked that it was Darroh. The last time I’d seen him he had long hair and a mustache. I was surprised but started taking photos.

They went song from song without saying a word to the crowd. The re-mixed a few songs with the notes and let the crowd finish up some of Darroh’s lyrics. They put on a high energy and very interesting show. With both the guitarist constantly head banging and Darroh running around in circles and pouring water on his head while laying on the floor; it was hard to take your eyes off them.

The band left the stage after a fair amount of songs and the crowd cheered for them. They came back downstairs and played one encore song. The lights brightened and the guitarist thanked the crowd.

Overall the performance, in my opinion was very energetic and all the members had very good stage presence. My only complaint would be to have more verbal interaction with the crowd and play more songs from one of my favorite albums by them “Fables in Mayfly”