Travie McCoy

Travie McCoy performs at The El Ray Theater on March 30th 2011

Travie McCoy Review by: Pharah Patterson

Flashing lights, girls screaming and chanting, “Travie! Travie!” and everyone still hyped from the opening acts are what you can expect at a Travie McCoy concert. After the crowd is finished roaring for the amazing opening acts, you stand and anxiously await the one and only Travie Mcoy. As you wait you become absorbed by the many flashing lights around you and in no time the lights dim and you see Travie walking onto the stage with such swag that the crowd goes crazy. As he walks to the edge of the stage he towers above the audience and almost immediately goes right into singing.

Constantly throughout the night he kneels over to the audience with his arm reaching out for screaming fans to grab and hold. Every song held something new and unique. First he is flawlessly rapping and the next he is screaming into the microphone as if he’s been in a metal rock band for years.

He entertains the crowd by telling them, when he was a kid, he watched the show “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and as the crowd cheers the show on, he tells them about the “Carlton dance” As they laugh and cheer from remembering the dance, he starts doing it.  The encourage him and a river of phones and cameras go off, recording and photographing.

McCoy has the crowd going insane and every second he knows exactly what to do to satisfy them. By the end of the night, you smile to yourself and you have no doubts that the money was well spent, on a Travie McCoy ticket.