Papa Roach

Papa Roach Performs on April 26th 2011 with Pop Evil, Alien Ant Farm and Finger Eleven at the House of Blues

Papa Roach

Alien Ant Farm

Finger Eleven

Concert Review By Sohini Deva

On April 26 Papa Roach performed at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip along with opening bands Pop Evil, Alien Ant farm and Finger 11. The first opening band was Pop Evil. They wore their usual leather jackets and vests. They interacted well with the crowd a lot and when introducing their last song they talked about how teens should listen to more of Papa Roach than Justin Bieber. The guitarist was amazing with two solos that really warmed up the crowd. Lighting included red and orange flashing lights filling the stage. Since they were
a last minute addition to the acts, they really gave it their all on stage by both interaction and performances. They were clearly a band that the crowd did not mind being added to perform.

The next band to perform was Alien Ant Farm who did excellent. They were wearing casual clothing including jeans with plain t-shirts. They interacted very well with the crowd and that included their lead singer going offstage and walking through the crowd, splitting them in half. Their music was very good and got the crowd anxious for papa roach to perform. They will also be performing later this month so this is a definite band to check out!

Up next was Finger 11. Though they didn’t make as much contact with the audience compared to the other bands, they were  focused with their music and very energetic. They played new songs from their latest album which got the audience to want to check out the new CD and by the end of their set, they announced that Papa Roach was about to perform and the crowd went insane!

At exactly 11:00 p.m. fog machines and red lights were blazing as Papa Roach slowly entered the stage. People were trying to shove their way to the front row while chanting the band member’s names. The lead singer, Jacoby Shaddix unbelievably interacted with the crowd by making them sing their lyrics, jumping, screaming, and reaching for fans hands. The crowd was
so energetic for Papa Roach that there was an uncountable amount of crowd-surfing. The lights were at first a sparkling blue, then red and shifted to spotlights towards the audience during choruses of songs. Papa Roach did an amazing job entertaining the crowd in many ways, whether it was by shredding music or by handing out guitar pics! They closed their 15 song set with a crowd favorite, Last Resort. It had the aggressive moshing and crowd surfing and it left the crowd begging for an encore! The night went very well for all the performances and Papa Roach was simply outstanding leaving everyone in the crowd hoarse and their music rumbling through their bones. Papa Roach is spectacular live and couldn’t have done any
better at the House of Blues.