Foster the People

Foster the People in Los Angeles, CA on July 7th 2011

Foster the People came onto the stage around 10pm to a SOLD OUT El Ray Theater on July 7th, 2011, to sweaty, cheering fans.

They took their rightful spots on stage and instantly went into opening song “Warrant”  The lighting changed every few seconds from strobe lights to different shades of red, yellow and blue.

The fans experienced an amazing 11 song set from the band, as well as an  incredible stage production.


1) Warrant

2) Miss You

3) Houdini


5) Call it What you Can

6)Life on the Nickel

7) I would do anything for you

8 )  Broken Jaw

9) Pumped up Kicks

10) Don’t Stop (Color on the walls)


11) Helena Beat