Owl City

Owl City July 21,2011 at Club Nokia with openers Mat Kearney and Breanne D.

After both openers performed, Club Nokia’s energy was high, filled with happy fans, awaiting Adam Young of Owl City to go on stage.  It was 9:45 when the lights dimmed and smoke filled the stage.  As the tune for the opening song started, Young made his way to the middle of the stage smiling to his fans. Camera’s hung from the ceiling and cameramen stood in the pit, both recording Young and the fans. After performing their two opening songs, “The Real World” and “Cave In”, Young and his background band paused for a little while Young talked with the crowd.

“I bet you guys are wondering what all the camera’s are about! Well tonight, is very special because we are filming our 1st ever live concert movie! So try and look your best! Oh wait, this is LA. That won’t be hard to do!”

After a few more songs, Young grabbed his guitar. He strummed it as he spun himself, with his feet in the air. Young performed 21 songs, with two encore’s including “How I became the Sea” and “If My Heart Was a House”.

Throughout the entire night, Young danced, sang, and interacted with his fans. Each song he performed, he had a huge smile on his face. The crowd sang along and posed for the filming cameras.