Bring me the Horizon

Bring me the Horizon on September 2nd 2011 at the Wiltern Theater

With opening bands including Deez Nuts, Of Legends, The Architects and Suicide Silence, fans were kept busy with moshing, head banging and crowd surfing as they waited for Bring me the Horizon. As Suicide Silence finished their set, sweaty and even some bloody fans went to get hydrated so they can be full of energy for Bring me the Horizon.

Fans ranged from all ages, some even being in their 40’s. But the majority of the fans were teenagers, of the punk rock and screamo scene. Most had their hair dyed, lots of piercings and were anxious to start their first Friday of the school year, right. Seen in the crowd were some other artists including Jeffree Star.

Without any hints of clues, the stage curtain dropped and the band came on stage. People rushed back into the pit and fans pushed forward, squeezing those in front. Singer Oli Sykes jumped down from the stage and stood on the barricade as the band started the first song and as fans reached forward to touch him. He screamed into his microphone as the entire venue did the same. The pit area was almost 80% all moshing and the other 20% were singing and head banging.

Throughout the set, the band brought forth so much energy; running, jumping, screaming, singing and interacting with the crowd who was doing just the same. Not many crowd surfers were in the pit area but behind the wall dividing the pit and the standing area, there were crowd surfers constantly.

The night proved to be a one of kind night to most of the fans, even though many left with bruises, cuts and scratches from the pit and from crowd surfing.