Vampires Everywhere

With some camera issues, sadly, there is no video interview. Here is our transcribed interview with Michael Vampire

Chain Reaction of Anaheim, CA 10/17/2011

Nicole Lemberg:        We are here at Chain Reaction in Anaheim with Michael, singer of Vampires Everywhere. What can fans expect from you guys on this tour?

Michael:         They can expect an intense stage show, new songs that we never played before, a new line up; just an overall intense situation.

NL:      Have you guys ever performed at the Chain Reaction?

M:       Yes we have. We performed here probably I think, three or four times, usually during a weekday. It’s usually better during a weekend but we’re gonna make the best of it and rock out to everybody that came out and made the effort to come out for us.

NL:      Did you ever see anyone perform here?

M.       Yea, I have. I’ve been back and forth for a long time, I have friends in a band called The Ataris and when they were playing here, headlining, I used to come here and watch them.

NL:      So, it’s almost Halloween. What are you gonna be?

M:       I’m gonna be a vampire. Ha.

NL:      That’s original.

M:       [Laughs] Yeah, you know, myself.

NL:      You should just go, white shirt, jeans, be normal, for Halloween….

M:       Yeah, I’ll just be normal.

NL:      You guys did a cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” Why did you choose that song?

M:       We thought it was ironic and hilarious and um, you know it just brought a fresh feel to something that is completely different than what we’re used to doing and people like it. It’s fun for us to play cause I usually laugh during the thing, but it’s great, it’s fun.

NL:      I remember I was watching you guys at the Sunset Strip Music Festival and you started playing it and I was thinking, “Why do I know this?”

M:       It’s festive to hear played.

NL:      Then when I realized it was Kary Peryy, I thought, “Why DO I know this, still?”

M:       [Laughs] Well I appreciate that and have you notice it was the point, definitely.

NL:      Are you guys gonna cover any other songs?

M:       We have stuff we’d been talking about. That’d be in the works.

NL:      So before you go on stage, do you guys have any pre-show rituals?

M:       We usually warm up in the van, me and Phil those who sing mostly and Aaron. And have a couple of drinks, usually to loosen up. That’s about it, really. Um, I have OCD so everything I do is a regimen.

NL:      Do you guys have any weird backstage requests?

M:       Not at this venue. For bigger shows, we would. Usually easy stuff.

NL:      No one needs to pick your green gummy bears or anything weird?

M:       Not yet, not yet. [Laughs] But I’ll let you know.

NL:      You clearly have a lot of tattoos. Do you have a favorite?

M:       Um Yes. Immortal. [points to the tattoo on his chest with a skull in the middle of his chest with an eye patch,and a gun on both sides of the skull] I was in a car crash. So I got that after I survived. It’s very important to me.

NL:      Do you have any regrets or least favorite tattoos?

M:       Never regretted any.

NL:      That’s good.

M:       I don’t do that with tattoos. Like a lot of people are, you gotta commit to something or whatever else. I’m not that way.

NL:      That’s good that you don’t regret any.  Are you guys working on anything new? An album?

M:       I’d say that there’s a lot of important secrets coming up and I think that you can expect a lot of that from us.  We’re not very vocal on what we’re about to do but I can assure you, you’ll be surprised.

NL:      Do you have any pet peeves?

M:       Um….Feet! I like feet. If you have ugly feet, that’s a giant pet peeve for me.

NL:      If you could tour with any band who would you…..

M:       [before I could finish the sentence and without hesitation] Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, hell, Ozzy.  I like those guys.

NL:      And to wrap it up…If you were a Sponge Bob character, which one would you be and why?

M:       I would be Sponge Bob. He’s the shit. Everyone else annoys the crap out of me. Sponge Bob is the leader, in a way, and I enjoy that.