Camp Freddy

Only happening every Friday of December, December 23, 2011, was the last Camp Freddy show of the year which meant it had to be extra special. After Love and a .38 rocked the house, at 11pm, it was Camp Freddy’s turn.

Camp Freddy’s lineup includes Dave Navarro on lead guitar, also a member of Janes Addiction, Billy Morrison, on rhythm guitar, also with Billy Idol, Matt Sorum on the drums, currently with Velvet Revolver, Donovan Leitch Jr who is an actor as well as the singer, and Chris Chaney on bass, who is in Janes Addiction. Just that line up itself is a guarantee for a fantastic show, but Camp Freddy doesn’t stop there; the band members bring up musicians and actors to perform songs from the 80’s and 90’s. It’s a big party on stage with people in all different bands just up there jamming. Previous years Slash came out; as well as Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Alice Cooper, and even Ozzy Osbourne!

The band came on stage and went into song Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and 20th Century Boy by T. Rex with just the original Camp Freddy members. By the 3rd song, Donovan invited up Dominick Monaghan, an actor who was in X-Men, Lord of the Rings, Lost, and more and he sang Rock N Roll Star by Oasis.

Almost every song, the band members brought up someone new, either to sing, play the drums or play the guitar. Guests included, Slipknot singer- Corey Taylor, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, and tons more! But to end the night, singing and playing guitar for three songs, was Lemmy of Motorhead!

[youtube]4q0zKPDvyw8[/youtube] Corey Taylor of Slipknot singing to Bon Jovi

Before Lemmy was brought on stage, Donovan told the crowd that Lemmy’s birthday was on the 25th and after Lemmy sang God Save the Queen by The Sex Pistols and Shakin All Over by The Guess Who, Donovan said “Sorry Lemmy we have to do this to ya!” and as a birthday cake was brought on stage, the entire sold out venue sang Happy Birthday. Lemmy smiled, thanked the crowd and blew out the candles before the song even finished, wiping a piece and licking it off his finger. As the women holding the cake, took it off stage, they dropped it on Dave Navaro’s speaker, the crowd gasping, then laughing and Lemmy jokingly saying, “You did that on purpose!” The band ended the set with Ace Of Spades by Motorhead.

[youtube]_Vt-a56pwHI[/youtube] Dropping Lemmy’s Cake

Camp Freddy made this sold out night, one of the best events of the year and it was obviously the best end of the year concert that people should look forward to going to every year!


Relax (Dono)

20th Cenutry Boy (Dono)

Rock N Roll Star (Dominick Monaghan)

Immigrant Song (Frankie Perez/ Jason Bonham)

Hard to Handle (Frankie Perez)

Cat Scratch (Mark McGrath)

Anarchy in the UK (Morrison/ Scott Ian)

Stay with Me (Glenn Hughes/ Steve Stevens)

Highway Star (Glenn Hughes/ Steve Stevens)

Wanted Dead or Alive (Corey Taylor)

Dirty Deeds (Corey Taylor/ Scott Ian)

Sex Type Thing (Corey Taylor)

Blues (Billy Gibbons)

La Grange (Billy Gibbons)

God Save the Queen (Lemmy)

Shakin All Over (Lemmy)

Ace of Spades (Lemmy)