Soundcheck Hollywood Meet N’ Greet

On Friday January 7, 2012 from 8pm- past midnight, a line encircled near the Sunset strip. No, it wasn’t for the Whisky A Go-Go or the Viper Room, but it was right near the venues, where the line was for Soundcheck Hollywood- a music retail store! Danny Worsnop, singer of Asking Alexandria was hosting a pizza party to hang out with fans.

Free food, free drinks, and a once in a life time chance to meet members of bands. The party started at 8pm and a group of fans rotated in and out every 10 minutes or so until past midnight! Fans bought posters, shirts, CD’s and more and all the bands and fans danced around to the DJ paying dubstep from upstairs.

Bands included members of, Asking Alexandria, Vampires Everywhere, Suicide Silence, Of Mice & Men, Limp Bizkit, Breathe Carolina and others.

Though people waited in line, this event wasn’t like ordinary band meet n greets. The store was small and not many people were allowed in at once, so when people got in, they could talk to different artists, take pictures and get autographs without being crowded by fans or pushed by security to get out. It was also interesting to see all the bands talking to one another and taking pictures with each other.

People got their shoes, faces, arms, hats and more signed by the band members and one fan even got proposed to with a ring pop by Jerry Roush, former singer from Of Mice & Men and current singer of Glass Cloud.

Overall, it was a very successful event and the only negative thing about (which isn’t really negative), was that there was SUCH a huge turnout, that people had to wait a long time in line. But, other than that, everyone got to meet different bands, give them gifts, take pictures, eat pizza with them and even dance to the Dupstep with them.