Jeffree Star claims theft against Steven Klein

After singer- songwriter and makeup artist, Jeffree Star posted a photograph of himself on Instagram- the free photo sharing program, on September 1, 2012, he found an almost identical photo concept which he strongly believes, photographer Steven Klein stole from him!

The photo of Star was done during a photoshoot in 2006, with the concept that Star imagined and created. Now with the image reappearing again, 6 years after the shoot, there have been some theft claims on Stars part.

The above photograph shows  female model, Georgiana Frost which American photographer, Steven Klein took with the model in an almost identical pose and position as Star in the first photograph.

Star expressed his anger  about Klein’s theft throughout different social networking sites, linked below.

Star expressed his thoughts in a angered and disgusted tone via Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr about the theft.

“the fact that famed photographer Steven Klein COMPELETLY ripped off and STOLE my photoshoot concept I did in 2006 (and was one of Myspace’s most viewed photos in history!) makes me WANNA PUKE.

even down to the fucking BOWL color and placement of a spoon.

how is this OK? because I’m not as big as Britney Spears, it’s ok to steal MY idea and put it in a big magazine and pretend it was your idea? PATHETIC.” 

“I can’t be flattered when I never got any credit for him blatantly ripping me off. time to call my lawyers” Star posted on Twitter.

After the rants on Twitter regarding the photograph, many others got involved including Falling in Reverse singer Ronnie Radke tweeting, “wow…Just…Wow now you know how I feel when I got out of jail to all these bands with the same haircuts. Keep your head up”.

Replying to Stars tweet- “just wait motherfucker, you’re gonna pay me for being a thief”, tattoo artist and longtime friend, Kat Von D, tweeted “so don’t sweat it, baby girl. There is only one Jeffree Star. All the others are just cheap imitations”.


Klein has worked with Calvin Klein, D&G, Alexander McQueen, Nike and more, so why would he want to steal a photo concept?