Black Keys

The Black Keys performed on October 6, 2012 at The Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA

It was Night two of a rock concert performing at the Staples Center, and the place was hungry for some groovy/ alternative rock. Two nights of a rock concert at the Staples Center? This isn’t a dream, this is The Black Keys.

For this being a rock concert, it started early. The band hit the stage around 9:15pm after an impressive set by Tegan and Sara. Normally, rock shows start after 10pm, but one can’t complain for an early show since it gives you more time to hit the town. The Black Keys kicked off the night with their hit single “Howling for You” and got the whole sports arena dancing. They would continue to play hit after hit from their seven album discography, including their Grammy award winning song “Tighten Up.” For the band’s second night at the Staples Center, you would think that there would be a variety of different songs playing on both nights, but instead, the band switched out “Sinister Kid” and “Chop and Change” on their two night concert venture. This feels like a missed opportunity for the band to treat the die hard fans who bought tickets for both nights inspecting to hear different songs. Nonetheless, the music was groovy and the people were dancing and enjoyed every moment.

The Black Keys with their touring Bass player and keyboardist/Guitarist were great together, but it was when Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney played by themselves that they really shined. For a two piece band, they were incredible. The two played as if there was a full five-piece band playing on stage, and that’s talent you must respect. Not many bands can make a garage band jam session into a full on concert experience.

As far as theatrics go, these two are a simple band with lots of talent that didn’t need any stage effects to enhance the concert experience. The stage was set up with light towers and a white screen backdrop that would occasional have several psychedelic camera images of the band playing. With the 70s era guitar riffs happening and the images going on in the background, it really felt like the building had time traveled to a groovy time in the 70s. What made it feel more like the 70s? How about two gigantic disco balls lighting up the Staples Center. These disco balls came up during their encore song “Everlasting Light,” and really set the mood for this song.

The Black Keys put on a great show, but the crowd could have been a little bit more lively. The fan interaction was almost none existent, and that hurt the amount of energy that could have filled the Staples center. Overall, this was a rocking show from two talented guys from Akron, Ohio. For these guys to be as big as they are in a world filled with top 40 acts, it is thrilling to see that they can put rock music in a sports arena and fill seats.

Review by: Alex Lucero