The Thug in You is Me Tour

On Wednesday, November 28, 2012, The Thug in Me is You tour made its way to the rainy streets of Los Angeles to turn up the heat, and Soundcheck 411 was there to give you a back and front stage report of the evening.

Enter Shikari came from over 9000 miles away to literally shake the foundation of The Wiltern. Their interesting sound of electro/ dubmetal had the Theater shaking from all the jumping. These guys were feeding off the energy of the crowd as there was total anarchy on stage with members running around, climbing the amplifiers, knocking over instruments, and running into each other while still playing a nearly flawless set. Major props to the stage crew who had to pick up whatever they were destroying, so that the show would go on. As their set came to an end, people left to get beverages to re-hydrate themselves from all the jumping they did during the short but eventful set. Watching Enter Shakari is workout, you’ve been warned!

After a quick 20 minute set change, the venue went dark and the curtain rose to reveal a projection screen with a video playing a youtube clip called “Stupid cat.” Following the cat video, there was a intro with Falling in Reverse showing up to the venue in a limousine dressed in suits. After the video played, the projection screen went up to reveal the drums and glowing amplifiers; soon after, the band came out dressed in the suits that they were wearing in the video. As soon as the band came out, the Wiltern’s walls shook from the screams of a several hundred girls screaming their hearts out. Those screams grew louder as the band wasted no time and playing “The Westerner.” The entire set consisted of a lot of screaming, jumping, more screaming, and a lot of singing.

The band put on a fun filled set filled with a great songs off their The Drug in Me is You album. There was not a single person not having a good time tonight, there were smiles all around and a lot of “fan-girling” happening.  The building was filled with electricity from the crowd, which in return made Falling in Reverse  feed off that energy and put on a very enjoyable concert. The night came to an end with the band doing a drum and guitar solo that went into “Tragic Magic.” The night finally ended with “Situations,” an Escape The Fate cover and last but not least, self titled track from their album, The Drug in Me is You.

Leaving the concert, people were talking about how incredible the night was. All the bands that played tonight put on a hell of a show all thanks to the crowd in Los Angeles making every band feel welcomed.

Review by: AlexLucero

Although we weren’t able to get show performances of the night, we have some backstage photos of Matt Toka posing and doing his sound check as well as posed photos of members of Falling in Reverse