It’s Saturday, March 23, 2013 in Las Vegas and there’s literally hundreds of events going on,  but only one event was worth not missing. Sevendust and Lacuna Coil invaded Sin City, but was Sin City ready for the sold out invasion?

For the record, Lacuna Coil has never put on a bad show. They are one of the hardest working groups of rockers traveling the world and bringing rock to the masses, and on Saturday night, they brought their passionate show to Vegas. Before hitting the stage, a local  DJ announced a few rules about the show and how there was to be no use of any recording devices during the show, including phones- and there was no moaning allowed. The audience was not too keen on this idea, and it might have killed the spirit of the crowd during this set.

Upon hitting the stage, there were several people screaming in joy and excitement to see the Italian rockers. Either a lot of people were unfamiliar with the band, or the house rules killed the buzz of the crowd, but either way, Lacuna Coil delivered an impressive show. The energy in the room grew more and more as the set proceeded (Cristina Scabbia even acknowledged this), but it could have been better, although that didn’t stop Cristina Scabbia or Andrea Ferro from singing their hearts away. You have to admire a band for putting their all, even if the people they’re singing to aren’t doing anything to elevate the enjoyment of the show.

While the crowd was a bit weak, the band sounded great, as always. This is the reason why Coilers (Lacuna Coil die-hard fans) continue to revel near and far to see their live shows and support the band. To those who attended on this night, let’s hope you became a fan and will catch them again next time and show them some love. Songs of the night include I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow; Kill the Light; Heaven’s a Lie; Trip the Darkness; Spellbound, and more.

Finally, the time had come for Las Vegas to witness Sevendust, once again. It’s been a few years since the band had performed in Sin City, and one could tell by the Sevendust t-shirts and chatter that the crowd was waiting a long time for this moment. Once the semi-lengthy set change was over, the show was ready to begin, as did  the screaming. The band hits the stage and opens up with Decay, the first single from their new album, Black Out the Sun. People were jumping up and down and trying hard not to break the ridiculous “no moshing” rule, but that didn’t stop some people from attempting, and sadly they had to be thrown out the venue because of this. Yes, people are losing it, Sevendust has truly arrived!

We’ve seen Sevendust several times before, but they haven’t sounded so clean and vibrant as they did on this night. Morgan Rose has always been one of the best hard rock drummers in recent memory, but by god, did he deliver a show this night! It’s almost as if the drum kit was the 6th member of the band, it took on a life of its own, and with Morgan Rose collaborating with the so called “6th member,” the music had never sounded any better. It made one wish they had recorded this night and released it as a live album. Morgan Rose made sure this night was going to be memorable, and he accomplished that task.

Rose wasn’t the only one putting work in, the entire band worked together to produce a hard hitting show. Vinnie Hornsby was all smiles while Lajon Witherspoon made the crowd sing  along with him, making both of these guys enjoying the crowd participation. The surreal moment of the night happened when Lajon dedicated Angel’s Son to Clint Lowery’s baby, who he’s expecting soon. Lowery started the song off and had a proud look on his face while performing the song the entire time; this was a bonding moment to those who care about this band and their personal lives.

No moshing, no pictures, no fun? Not in the case of Sevendust executing a perfect performance in Sin City. While we had to contain ourselves from going absolutely nuts, we all had an enjoyable experience. Songs of the night included many fan favorites from Face to Face to Strong Arm Broken, but for some odd reason, the band didn’t play Black, a top fan favorite. Also played tonight was Till Death, a new song which is featured on Black Out the Sun, which come out this Tuesday.

To truly experience these bands (or any other rock/metal band for that matter), you have to be able to let loose and let the music control your body. To enforce rules on how to enjoy music is really unheard of, but you have to make do with what allowed and not allowed. Even with rules and restrictions, the show was enjoyable and worth seeing more than once or twice if you have the means. Chris Kael, the bassist of Five Finger Death Punch, was there, and you can’t go wrong with a man with a beard like that. So be like Chris and check this tour when it comes to a town near you, and make sure to secure your ticket before it sells out, and it will!

Review by: Alex Lucero