A Day to Remember

A few months ago, A Day to Remember released Violence, then soon after, announced the Right Back at It Again Tour. The tour was instantly a hot topic and considered a “can’t miss show”. On Wednesday April 17th, 2013, Los Angeles proved that it was a show to not miss by selling out the Wiltern Theater. A Day to Remember (24)

Opening ADTR’s set, was their first single Violence off the upcoming album, Common Courtesy. The venue quickly exploded with massive energy and sing-along with the band, and right off the bat, you could see the dedication from these fans. That song is only a couple of months old, and mostly everyone was singing their hearts out as if the song had been a classic! Before the band came on, the venue’s DJ played Chop Suey by System of A Down, and everyone sang along to the recorded song. This was an indication of what the night would bring, but it was still surprising to see so many people song along to a brand new song from the band. A Day to Remember (15)

The demographics for this show was mostly teens and young adults who have enough energy to light the buildings electrical usage for the night, and then some. Not a single tier of the venue was safe from mosh pits and crowd surfing. The balcony even saw some action, as you can see and feel people jumping up and down and enjoying themselves thanks to the amazing show being put on by A Day To Remember.

The overwhelming response to each song had the band enjoying themselves and making sure the fans enjoyed the show as much as the band did.  Something you don’t see at any L.A. show due to safety concerns is stage diving. There was a lot of stag diving going on and for whatever reason, the security wasn’t stopping the kids from climbing a 6 foot tall stage, and a lot of kids who did go up were getting hurt. It wasn’t until Jeremy McKinnon, the lead singer, brought it to the attention of the entire venue and putting the security in their place to do their jobs. He asked to bring more security up so no one would get hurt, and with that being said, everyone cheered him on. We would just like to say thank you to Jeremy, for making sure the show went on without any problems.

The Central Florida band had put together a set that was considered by most the best set performed  in the bands touring history. Songs from the night included 2nd Sucks, I am Made of Wax, Larry, What are You Made of?, My Life for Hire, Fast Forward to 2012, It’s Complicated, and for the first time ever in California, Another Song about the Weekend. 20 songs and yet, it still wasn’t enough for everyone!A Day to Remember (1)

The set from A Day To Remember started and ended with confetti raining down on the crowd, which set the mood for the entire night: Celebration. A celebration of great music, and even greater fans that made this a day to remember. Yes, we went there, but the bands live show and name go perfectly together, that there’s really no other way to describe the night.

Review by: Alex Lucero