There aren’t many things that 150 people inside KROQ studios at 3:00pm on a Monday, (August 12, 2013) could be doing than waiting for another Red Bull Soundspace intimate show. This time around, lucky fans were treated with redbull (as always) and the English pop-rock-techno band, Foals, known by KROQ listeners from their song My Number off of their latest album, Holy Fire.

Foals (5)

The excitement was felt in the room as fans entered and tried to get a glimpse of the short, 6 song set list. After KROQ DJ, Lighting informed the crowd that it would be a few more minutes, the excitement level went up as fans drank their complimentary redbull. Not too long later, out came Foals and the camera phones.

The band performed a energetic set which had the crowd swaying back and fourth. After the short show, fans were treated with KROQ and RedBull Soundspace stickers, as well as special custom made Foals posters made specifically for this event. Fans definitely left this show full of energy, stories to tell, instagram photos/videos and plenty of free stuff!

Review by: Nicole Lemberg