Cage the Elephant


The Redbull Soundspace at KROQ radio station has been booking more and more shows for fans and it seems like each show is better than the last. Soundspace shows are usually in the morning or during the day, but luckily this particular show on Friday, September 20, 2013 was at 6pm, a great time for people to get off work, come to the show, drink free red bull and listen to great music. Who’s great music, you ask? Well, just a plain ol’ rock band from Bowling Green, Kentucky by the name of Cage the Elephant! Live (8)

As always, the soundspace was full to capacity with a couple hundred people, a good amount less than what the band usually performs to, which is what always makes these shows one of a kind and super intimate. Soon after the mini ‘venue’ was filled, DJ host, Kat Corbett announced the band and did a very quick Q&A with the band who also answered questions from fans. No sooner had the interview finished did the band begin their set, opening with Spiderhead a new song from their album, Melophobia which comes out October 8, 2013.

The small stage didn’t stop the Cage the Elephant guys from constantly moving around, dancing and bobbing their heads along to the music. Their second and third song were Live (16)both fan favorites, Back Against the Wall and Ain’t No Rest for The Wicked which everyone sang along too. Most likely due to the small stage setting, mid way through a song, bassist, Daniel Tichenor jumped up and tripped over a guitar pedal board and fell off the stage, onto his back, still going strong with his bass. He continued through the song, laying on his back with his feet perked up on stage. As the song ended, singer Matt Shultz gave him a hand and helped him to his feet. The crowd applauded how he finished the song after the hard fall.

Live (24)The band finished their set performing 3 of 6 songs from the new album which included, Teeth and Come a Little Closer, their newest radio single. Shultz thanked the crowd many times through the set and even complimented the crowd and gave them the honor of being the “best crowd of so far from their tour”. Not bad for a bunch of contest winners! After the show, fans left the soundspace, sweaty and wanting more. They were treated to free customized posters from the show and some stickers. The lucky ones even got a guitar pic or drum stick. The band stayed behind for a little after the show and did the iconic ‘spray paint the logo and sign the wall’ at the KROQ studios.

When this band comes to your town, whether it is their headline show or if they are opening for someone, be sure to go. They put so much passion and emotion into their music and have such an energetic live show, it’s something you cannot miss. But be warned, one of them might be a crowd surfer…

Review by: Nicole Lemberg 

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