Arctic Monkeys

Before their 3rd and final SOLD OUT show at the Wiltern, Arctic Monkeys played a short and exclusive set at the KROQ Redbull Soundspace on October 1, 2013. After waiting in line for what seemed like an endless amount of time (really it was only about 45 minutes) fans finally got inside and picked a spot to stand, while enjoying the free RedBull. The SoundSpace is very small and lacks a barricade, making the experience very up close and personal. Arctic Monkeys (9)

Before they started playing their set, Ted Stryker, DJ at KROQ did a short interview with the band, stating that their latest album entitled AM has sold more records and faster than any of their other albums (in the US), which is quite the accomplishment. After a few short questions from the audience, relating to favorite venues, favorite albums and the Breaking Bad finale, the band began playing.

Arctic Monkeys (18)The set consisted only of 6 songs, all off of their latest album and included, Why’d You Only Call Me When You’reHig; One For The Road; Snap Out of I;, Arabell;, Do I Wanna Know; and R U Mine. The sound was incredible, and I doubt anyone would be able to tell the difference between a live performance and a recorded song by them. The band’s performance as a whole was fairly mellow and laid back, and the audience was similar, slowly swaying to the songs and singing lyrics; but nevertheless it was exciting.

As with any show, fan girls were screaming phrases such as “I wanna be yours” and “I love you Alex” and lead singer, Alex Turner even responded to a lot of them as well, by asking follow up questions such as “come again?” It was surprisingly interactive. When their six songs were up they thanked the audience and went on their way, probably to rest up and get ready for their show later that night and the once mellow fans rushed and pushed their way to the drum and guitar tech’s, begging for a setlist, guitar pic or drum stick, many of whom were given what they requested. Overall, it was an amazing experience and anyone who even remotely enjoys their music should go ahead and see them live, nobody in their right mind would regret it.
Review by: Kayla Sand