The mutant-alien, intergalactic monsters of punk and metal known as Gwar landed their spaceship looking tour bus on the Sunset Strip to invade the House of Blues on October 18th, 2013, and we were there to witness a truly out of this world rock show. This is our review of how we survived an apocalyptic musical masterpiece.1381973_656623357693756_1286018702_n

Normally, we’d sport a black tee of a previous band we had seen at these shows and blend in with every other metal head in attendance, and you know, that’s normal, but wearing black at a Gwar show is so not metal. This is one of the very few metal shows where people are not wearing black, but are actually wearing white. The logic behind this is to wear white and come out red (and possibly blue) from all of the slayings that happen during the show. If you came out with no blood or any other liquids staining your shirt, you did this show and yourself wrong.

The production that goes into a Gwar show is phenomenal. The blood, outrageous outfits, and stage props really take you away from where you’re currently located and transport you into their world of gore and violence. We couldn’t imagine seeing this band play any other way, and the atmosphere of these shows truly puts you inside the music and lyrics of this talented group.1377564_656623314360427_93204572_n

Book yourself a reconstructive surgery in the following days because Gwar will melt your damn face off. You want guitar solos? You got it! Sloppy but necessary vocals? It’s here! Chaotic scenarios that involve Justin Bieber, the Pope, and the Queen of England? It wouldn’t be a proper show if some pop culture icons weren’t slayed. All this show and music combined creates an unforgettable experience that you are guaranteed to not see anywhere else unless you’re at another Gwar show.1379951_656623544360404_1432492112_n

Do not miss your chance to see Gwar when they come to your town. This is a show that’s not to be missed, and if Hollywood was any indication of how intense these shows can get, then it’s safe to say you’ll be in a wave of bloodied concert goers singing a long to every word of their set. Now, if only Gwar’s spaceship had some sort of time machine that was accidentally left in Hollywood, we would travel back in time to see this show over and over again.

Review by: Alex Lucero