Killswitch Engage

The Massachusetts metalcore scene that once dominated the rock and metal community is slowly going away, but not without a fight. Luckily, Killswitch Engage is alive AND still breathing (see what we did there?), and they came out kicking and punching to show the Hollywood Palladium that the Massachusetts metalcore scene has some life left in it.

KillSwitch Engage (9)Starting off the show was the intro to eye of the Tiger, and soon enough, Adam D. came out and sang along with the immortal riffs from the famous Rocky Balboa movie. Soon enough, Jeese Leach came out and the band came out with it’s first knockout of the night “A Bid Farewell.” From there on out, it was nothing but certified win for both the band and the sold-out crowd in attendance.

It has been a little over a year since most of the World has seen the highly anticipated return of Jeese Leach as the vocalist for Killswitch Engage, and we can clearly see that he still has it, but it isn’t until you see them on this tour that you will see his full potential. It’s either that or Hollywood has brought out the best in him, but one thing is for sure; the videos online won’t due you any justice until you can fell the heart Jeese puts into his performance.

If you’re a diehard fan of these guys, you’ll want to get the full experience of these shows by being up close KillSwitch Engage (4)and personal. We were up front and it was one of the most physically demands sets we have seen from any show this year, and possibly, ever. Be warned: you will needs to physically and mentally prepare yourself for Killswitch Engage if you want to truly enjoy their set. We are going to feel the aftermath of this show for the coming days, but it was well worth the fight.

Songs of the night include: New Awakening, Rose of Sharyn, Life to Lifeless, End of Heartache, My Last Serenade, In Due Time, My Curse, and more.

If you’ve never seen Killswitch Engage, or even seen them with Jeese Leach, then do yourself a favor and see what they are all about. The Massachusetts metalcore scene can still be revived, and these guys will be the ones to bring the revolution. Hopefully it won’t be long until we meet again with Killswitch Engage.

Review by: Alex Lucero


Killswitch Engage