The Reverend Horton Heat

The Legendary Reverend Horton Heat rolled into The Tralf Concert Hall in Buffalo NY for a show Sunday, January 19, 2014. The Creepshow from Burlington, Ontario opened the show;  lead singer Kenda BB showed good stage presence during their 45 minute long set.

The Creepshow (1) Nekromantix played second. The three piece that has been around since 1989 also played a killer set with Kim Nekroman strumming his signature coffin styled upright bass throughout their set. The venue had filled up by this time and the crowd was really getting into it. All the punk rockers and rockabilly types were dancing to the beat and having a great time. When the Nekromantix finished you could feel the anticipation building for the nights headlining act, The Reverend Horton Heat.The Rev (6)

By the time the Rev took the stage (to a loud round of applause I might add) the crowd had jammed the venue to capacity. Jim Heath, Jimbo Wallace, and Scott Churilla opened with Victory Lap off of their newly released album, Rev which hit stores this past Tuesday. They continued playing and eventually got around to their current single, Let me Teach You How to Eat before introducing their special guest for the evening, Deke Dickerson. Dickerson hit the stage to another round of applause with his custom double necked guitar in tow and launched into a cover of Mexicali Rose by Jerry Lee Lewis. A little later Dickerson and the Reverend played guitar together “broke-back” style with The Reverend sitting down playing the lower neck of the guitar while Dickerson leaned over him playing the upper part. Before Dickerson left the stage he donned an orange hat and performed a stirring rendition of the Ramones punk classic Psychotherapy. The Reverend played a few more songs before leaving the stage. The crowd was desperate for an encore and was treated to a rocking rendition of the Chuck Berry classic Johnny B. Goode when the Rev returned to the stage. The Rev had a few more in him and played Galaxy 500 as well as a cover of the classic Merle Haggard song Honky Tonk Night Time Man. The crowd left in good spirits after the Rev’s amazing performance.

Review by: Sean Stitt

The Reverend Horton Heat


The Creepshow