Stone Sour

                 On Wednesday February 5th, 2014 the House of Blues Sunset turned into the House of Gold in Bones when Stone Sour and company took over. This show nearly sold out with Corey Taylor fanatics as they awaited to see the return of his more “soft” band. If you know LA, you know this show was worth the year wait!

               Stone Sour (21) The set started with the track House of Gold and Bones as each member slowly came out and waved at the crowd as they roared in excitement. Soon after, Corey Taylor walked out on stage wearing a white blazer and looked into the crowd with a look of passion and we knew he was ready to dominate the night just by his facial expression. Luckily, the look on his face matched the performance he gave after getting into the first song. This was truly going to be a good night.

                Okay, so Taylor is a legend and a god, we know this (it’s a scientific fact), but what about the rest of his band-mates? A key part of this band is Taylor’s singing, but you can’t sing without a band backing you up (another scientific fact). So, if you’re going to have a killer singer, you might as well have a killer band, right? Roy Mayorga is an underrated drummer who really needs more recognition for his melodic yet furious drumming. Josh Rand is also an underrated musician, and not only does he play well, but he looks very dapper in his tux and bow tie. As most of you, Jim Root is not on this tour due to his Slipknot responsibilities, but his replacement, Christian Martucci, is an excellent temporary guitarist that can match Jim’s skills.Stone Sour (15)

                So, while LA is known to be kind of tame when it comes to shows, this night proved that we can sing and bang our heads off. The venue was filled with lyrics to all of Stone Sour’s songs, and we even drowned out Taylor at one point during the song Bother. Of course Taylor loved it and showed his appreciation by saying thank you and having a wide smirk on his face. In between songs, fans would chant Taylor’s name and he couldn’t get enough of it. When he signaled for us to stop chanting, we all stopped at a moment’s notice so we could hear the man talk. Respect in LA? You better believe it!

Songs of the night include Through the Glass, The Travelers, Gone Sovern, Absolute Zero, RU486, Day You’ll Haunt Me, a cover of Metallica’s Creeping Death, and many more.

                This may be the last time we’ll see Stone Sour in a few years since Slipknot is coming out with a new album and tour, so go catch them while you still can. This had been one of our favorite shows of all time, so “Do me a Favor” and get to this show and make some damn memories!

Review by: Alex Lucero