Sienna Skies Interview

            If you have never looked down under for great hardcore bands, you’ve been missing out! Thy Art of Murder, Hands Like Houses, Amity Affliction, and Sienna Skies all hail from Australia, and are key players in the Hardcore revival running rampant throughout the United States. Sienna Skies take all the energy from a live show, and cram it into all of their three studio albums. They merge hardcore intensity with melodic choruses to produce a truly unique sound.


Last time Sienna Skies was state side, they hinted at their work on a new album. Soundcehck411 Writer Eric Walden attended the Scream It Like You Mean It Tour with Story of the Year, Silverstein, Like Moths To Flames, Hawthorne Heights, Capture The Crown, Set It Off and I Am King, and Sienna Skies at the House of Blues Anaheim on October 18th last year and reached out to Sienna skies for a status update straight from the studio. Sienna Skies talked to him about their last U.S. tour, their new studio album, and their hometown of Australia. Check out the interview below!


Soundchek411:  What was your favorite part of traveling around the United States on the Scream It Like You Mean It tour?


Sienna Skies:  My favorite part would have to have been the hangs, We have been lucky enough to tour with Hawthorne Heights, Like Moths To Flames and Silverstein back at home, and have grown up with the blokes in Capture the Crown so catching up with those guys plus making new friends with the guys in I Am King, Set It Off and Story Of The Year was amazing. Everyone on the tour was a legend and so welcoming, not to mention all the people that came out to the shows, got into it and hung out with us at the merch table!


Soundcheck411:  During your time in the United States what was your favorite fast food restaurant?


Sienna Skies:  That is a tough one, we don’t have a large variety of fast food restaurants back home like you guys do, so it was cool to experience a bunch of new thing. My personal favorite would have to be Taco Bell, although In n Out, Steak n Shake and Cook Out were great too!


Soundcheck411:  Is there one place in your hometown of Sydney, Australia that tourists need to know about?


Sienna Skies:  Sydney is a truly beautiful place, but its best features are well hidden. There are many amazing rock pools and waterfall jumps hidden around the place that not many locals know about let alone tourists.


Soundcheck411: It seems like there is a revival of hardcore here in California. Is it the same in Australia?


Sienna Skies:  Over the last few years we have seen many local hardcore/metal outfits go from local bands to international touring artists, from the Sydney scene.  We have seen acts like Thy Art Is Murder, Northlane and Buried in Verona go from playing to 100 people at a local hall to headlining shows overseas. At home this has encouraged a big revival of the scene when it comes to bands playing bigger venues but sadly that hasn’t crossed over to the local scenes yet.


Soundcheck411: Now that you have been a band for almost nine years, what is your favorite venue to play?


Sienna Skies: We started this band back in 07 and have played so many venues I can’t even remember them all, Top three would have to be The Annandale in Sydney, The Hi Fi in Brisbane and The Palladium in Massachusetts.


Soundcheck411:  You have a new album scheduled to come out this year. Is it heavier or more melodic compared to your previous three CDs?


Sienna Skies: It is a lot heavier than the previous three, but we have really worked hard in keeping the hooks and the making the melodic parts the best they can be. We were lucky enough to work with a few great people while writing this CD and learned a lot about song writing which I think makes this CD the best set of songs we have ever done.


Soundcheck411:  What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for a fan?


Sienna Skies: Not sure about crazy, but we once played at a big fans birthday party, was actually really cool.


Soundcheck411: If you had to pick a band that has influenced you the most, who would it be?


Sienna Skies: Personally it would have to be Hawthorne Heights, I grew up listening to them and they were a big part of why I started a band, then after touring with them twice and having them take such good care of us, we have learned so much, especially about how to be a band and how to tour smart. I will never be able to thank that band enough for what they have done for us.


Soundcheck411:  What do you think is the hardest part about being a band?


Sienna Skies: I think the hardest thing is dealing with the industry side of things but touring, playing shows with your mates, and writing songs is so much fun that nothing can even compare to it. Even so, sometimes the business side of things can actually suck.


Soundcheck411:  Would you rather play a sold out arena, or 20 small club shows back to back?


Sienna Skies: If the 20 back to back club shows were sold out I would take the club shows for sure!


Soundcheck411: Do you have a more exact prediction for when your new album will be finished?


Sienna Skies:  The album is due back from mastering in the next two weeks so if all goes well should be out in the first half of this year.


Soundcheck411:  Circle pits in the United States all seem to instinctively go counter clockwise. Do they go clockwise down under?


Sienna Skies:  Haha, good question! I had to think about this. I was actually at a local show last night in our hometown of Blacktown and I can confirm they also go counter clockwise down under!


Soundcheck411:  Lastly, do you have anything else you want to say to our readers?


Sienna Skies:  Thanks heaps for checking us out! We had a rad time in the States and cannot wait to come back, new album out soon so tell your mates and keep an eye on our facebook page! ( Thanks guys.