Shot in The Dark Interview

Shot in the Dark Interview 3/1/14

 M15 in Los Angeles, CA


            If children are our future, these kids are sending us in the right direction. Shot in the Dark is one of up and coming bands featured on the 2014 Vans Warped Tour. They may have some of the youngest members of the tour, but Kevin Lyman sure saw their talent. Parenting styles may differ, but rock and roll stays the same. All the members of Shot in the Dark may be under 18, but that didn’t stop them from packing the M15 restaurant and bar when they opened Alien Ant Farm’s show on February 28th. Despite almost being barred from playing before their set by venue securitythey sure won over the crowd. With a mix of covers from bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Escape the Fate, Falling in Reverse and original tracks thrown in for good measure it was clear these kids could teach rock veterans a thing or two.

            Formed in 2013 at West Coast Rock School Shot in the Dark had no trouble finding fans. After being awarded; a Carvin endorsement, an interview on OC rock radio, and a headlining show at Saddleback College Shot in the Dark got some well-deserved recognition. Several battle of the bands later, and after being called “best local band” by Inland Empire magazine these kids have a large following eagerly anticipating their debut original EP due to be released in the next few months. Soundcheck411 writer Eric Walden met up with Shot in the Dark to talk about their new recognition, upcoming shows, tattoos, and their love of all things rock.


Jacob Chabot 12, on lead vocals

Jarod DeShong 13, on drums

Austin Schmidt 17, on lead guitar

Taylor Martino 15, on rhythm guitar

“Spike” Snyder 16, on bass guitar


Eric:  Jacob, I saw some your selfies on Instagram from the NAMM convention a little while back. Who was your favorite person you saw at NAMM?

Jacob:  Matty Mullins, He was super down to earth and really nice.


Eric:  How about you Austin? You had a ton of pictures posted as well.

Austin: It was great to see Sinister Gates from Avenged Sevenfold and members of We Came As Romans, Memphis May Fire and Miss May I.


Eric:  I keep running in to Shot in the Dark members at Falling in Reverse shows. I hear Ronnie might be here tonight to support you guys. What is your favorite Falling in Reverse song, and why?

Jacob: I’ve really been liking Raised by Wolves

Austin: Born to lead

Taylor: Champion

Spike:  The Drug in Me Is You

Jarod: I like Born To Lead as well.


Eric: You guys have really contrasting opinions, you’ll have to stay the whole show to hear all your favorite songs.

Jacob:  Ya, that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.



Eric:  Did you guys like Ronnie Radke when he was in Escape the Fate?

Austin: I wasn’t into that kind of music when he was in Escape the Fate, but now that I’m going back and listening to it, it’s some pretty awesome stuff.


Eric:  Do you think you will ever get tattoos like Ronnie Radke?

*Collective No


Eric:  So no face Tattos?

Jacob:  No, but maybe half a sleeve

Taylor: When I’m 18 I’m going to get a tattoo dedicated to my dad on the back of my neck.

Spike: I might get one or two. I just need time to think about it. Maybe a big one, and a few small ones, I don’t know.


Eric: What is the Worst tattoo you have ever seen?

Jacob:  Derek from Falling in Reverse with his Taco Bell tattoo


Austin: I saw on that old show Tattoo Nightmare a guy who had a sun on his bellybutton


Eric: was it to be a belly dancer?

Austin: Na, he was drunk and got it


Eric:  Shot in the Dark recently won a battle of the bands at the House of Blues Anaheim. The second round of the Self Help Fest battle of the bands is on March 1st at Mirror Image Studios. Do you guys plan on using their live motion cameras to make a music video?

Spike:  Maybe later, but not tomorrow


Eric:  Are you guys entering any other battle of the bands competitions?

Jarod: Not that we know of.

Jacob:  We plan to in the future, but nothing is set in stone yet.

Jarod: We usually hear about them randomly.

Austin:  Ya, Our parents usually walk up “Hey there is a battle of the bands Saturday, we’re playing it.”

Spike:  We usually don’t know about our gigs until about two days before.


Eric: Your parents seem like a big help in giving you guys opportunities. That sounds really awesome. What’s it like being in a household surrounded by music? 

Taylor: I have like 6 Siblings so it’s always loud.

Jacob: I’m kinda the only one. My brother plays drums, but he’s just into all that WWE stuff?


Eric:  Metalcore in one room, wrestling in the other?

Jacob: Ya it’s like “Boom, Right in the intersection!” And then back to music.


Eric: Who is your favorite musician or band to see live?

Austin:  We Came As Romans

Spike: Ya they’re pretty crazy live.


Taylor:  Black Veil Brides


Eric: Did any of you guys see We Came As Romans a while back at the House of Blues Anaheim?

Taylor and Austin: Ya

Austin: I saw them House of Blues and then I saw them at Soma a few months ago.


Eric: What about You Jacob?

Jacob: I have to say Escape the Fate


Eric:  If Shot in the Dark could open up a show for any band who would it be and why?

Spike: Avenged Sevenfold

Taylor:  And We Came as Romans at the same show.

Jacob:  Because that would be epic!


Eric:  I see Shot in the Dark members supporting local bands all the time. What local (California) band would you recommend people give support to?

Taylor:  Assuming We Survive

Austin: Without Reason always supports us I’m always glad to show support to them whenever I can.


Jacob: Assuming We Survive and Without Reason are the best local bands ever.

Austin: Also Impending Doom and Suicide Silence


Eric:  What musician inspired you guys to start making music?

Austin:  Sinister Gates for me.

Jacob: Billy Joe, Dave Grohl and all that, but now I also like Austin Carlille, Jeremy from A Day To Remember, and Craig Mabbit.

Jarod: The Rev


Taylor: It was Linkin Park when I first Started.


Eric: Linkin Park has changed a lot recently. Have you guys seen them Live?

Taylor:  I’ve seen them twice.


Eric: Well what do you guys do when you’re not supporting local music, or playing a show?

Austin: Practice

Jarod:  I practice too. But I play video games a lot.

Austin: Jarod and I beast it up at Call of Duty a lot. Good times!

Taylor: I do a lot of artwork

Spike: I do a lot of artwork too. It keeps me pretty busy.


Eric:  You guys are now considered a “Super Group” from West Coast Rock School. If you could have one super power what would it be and why?

Jacob: Flying for sure! Because I would be able to go anywhere.

Austin:  Mind reading, for people who give me weird looks.

Jarod:  Invisible, so I could get out of things. I’d do some pretty epic things too.

Spike:  Super speed so I get things like homework done fast.


Eric:  But if you had super speed wouldn’t that just make you run fast, not write fast?

Jarod:  Exactly

Austin:  Well it would be easier to get to your homework


Eric:  Shot in the dark was put together at West Coast Rock School. What goes on at rock school that not a lot of people know about?

Austin:  They teach people through music class, and assign groups together depending on the songs people want to play. I don’t think people really know how much goofing around happens when there is no practice going on. We like to make up random Deathcore songs also.

Taylor, Spike: we made a love song a while back.


Austin: It’s awesome! It starts off all nice and pretty, and then it just goes all super speed and crazy screaming.


Eric: Are you guys going to be singing that one tonight?

*Collective No


Eric:  Shot in the Dark was the first band to be announced for the 2014 Warped Tour. Who are you most excited to be playing with?

Austin: The Word Alive

Jacob: The Word Alive, Falling in Reverse and Atilla

Jarod: Motionless In White, and the Word Alive

Austen: Crown the Empire and Issues

Taylor: And Secrets too. We got to open up for them at Chain Reaction a few weeks ago.


Eric: Have you guys thought about college yet?

Jarod: I want to go to Musicians Institute.

Austin:  I’ll probably go to RCC first and then go to UCR.

Spike: I want to go to UCLA because they have a good art program.

Jacob: I don’t know. It’s still grades first, music later.


Eric: Would you guys rather have 250 new fans, or your favorite band member as a new fan?

Austin, Spike:  Favorite band member.

Austin:  If they post about us on twitter or Instagram more than 250 fans will follow.


Eric:  You got me there.

Jarod: It happened before. We were at a show a while back and we had 400 fans, and over night it went up to almost 4,000.


Eric:  Do you guys all have Instagrams’?








Eric: Is there anything else Shot in the Dark would like to say to the Soundcheck411 Readers?

Jacob:  You guys are awesome, and we love you!

Taylor, Spike, Austin:  Thank you for the support.