Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone

March 6, 2014

Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA

            As I arrived to the sold out show in Philadelphia, PA I passed a line with enough fans anxiously waiting that they were practically wrapped around the building; the Electric Factory parking lot was quickly packed full. As I was a little earlier than I was expecting I got to chat with some die hard “mahomies” who had been anxiously holding their place and waiting for the show to start since 5 or 6 that morning.

Austin Mahone (10)   I must say I was incredibly amazed with the amount of young talent I witnessed at this show. A male trio [accompanied by a DJ] known as W3 The Future, opened up. I quickly became impressed with such talented young voices and only grew more and more impressed as the night progressed. Midnight Red instantly stole all the young girls’ hearts, handing out bouquets of roses to a few lucky ladies in the front row while serenading them with their ever-so-sweet lyrics. Then a male-female combo led by a young woman known as Becky G took the stage opening up for Austin Mahone.

Finally, the most anticipated moment of the night had arrived; Mahone tore up the stage, entering through a door bursting with lights and fog. He took the crowd by storm with an insane stage setup accented with some of the most talented dancers I’ve ever seen. The young star put on a killer performance, appreciated by screaming girls, and women of all ages. The young star played fan favorites from all over the spectrum featuring A cover of Drake’s Hold On, We’re Going Home accompanied by beautiful piano music and a showcase of the star’s guitar skills and breath taking vocals. At just 17, Austin Mahone is easily one of the most impressive younger talents I’ve ever had the opportunity to witness. And the best part about it is that he seems to have the attitude and personality to match. Fame can do terrible things to people, so here’s to hoping his positive attitude lasts the duration of his successful career. Watch out, Beiber! Mahone’s about to show you how it’s done.

Review by: Liana Marie

Austin Mahone

Becky G

Midnight Red

W3 The Future