Sick Puppies



Sick Puppies

March 12 , 2014 -The Complex

Salt Lake City, Utah


On March 12, 2014, Revolver’s The Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock Tour turned up at The Complex Salt Lake City, UT. Opening up for Lacuna Coil was Sick Puppies, an Australian band that formed in 1997. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist, Shim Moore; bassist Emma Anzai and drummer, Mark Goodwin.

The room got dark, then the lights started flashing. First bassist, Emma Anzai ran up to the stage, followed by the drummer, Mark Goodwin, and then the guitarist/vocalist Shim Moore. There were cameras up in the air, as well as hands. Some people even started to head bang.  A mother had her child sit up on her shoulders and they were both rocking out.  As the first song, Die to Save You started, people were becoming more and more energetic. The crowd screamed as Moore asked how they felt. There was head banging and had cameras up in the air throughout the song; the crowd got wild towards the breakdown, and the end of the song.

Sick Puppies.3_3/12/14When the song ended Moore asked the crowd how they feel and the crowd screamed and he laughed. 

“For this next song I want you to sing along with me!” said Moore. 

He gave them a quick lesson on what to sing and practice. Moore gave the crowd the finger for not trying hard enough.  By doing that the crowd got even more energetic and sung louder than they did before.  Then they started playing Cancer.  People were recording and taking photos with their phones. The crowd sung along throughout the entire song.  The guitarist was rocking out and hands were clapping in the air.

After song was over Anzai talked to the audience with her sweet accent. One fan wouldn’t stop cheering and hollering out how much she loves her.  The next song was softer, and the crowd still sung along.  Purple and blue lights flashed.  Towards the end of the song people jumped up and down.  Some hands were still high up in the air.  Many cheers at the end of the song.  Fans cheering “YEAH”. Orange red yellow blue lights started flashed.

To end their set Sick Puppies played their final song You’re Going Down. Be sure to catch Revolver’s The Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock Tour in a town near you.

Review by: Jasmine Beltran