Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon

March 24, 2014

Red Bull Soundspace at KROQ- Los Angeles, CA


            KROQ has done it again; bringing large, well known bands to the intimate Red Bull Soundspace. For the third show of the month on March 24, 2014, Kings of Leon brought all their hits and a lot of gear and crew into the small room.

            Filling up to capacity, the 310 fans packed inside the ‘venue’ around 4:45pm. After performing at the SOLD OUT Forum just several nights ago, many of the KROQ winners were getting their second fix of a Kings of Leon show.

     Kings of Leon (9)       Something new that Kings of Leon brought to the Soundspace was a barricade on the ends of the front row which is kind of silly to have, given that their music isn’t hectic and no one would bother the band. It took away from the intimacy that the other Soundspace shows are known for. Following the barricade, the band had a large crew with multiple security guards, blocking the way of many fans; again silly, as if someone was going to try and bother the band. As fans were leaving after the set, a fan reached over to grab a guitar pic from off the empty stage, only to be aggressively pushed by one of the band’s security guards which was uncalled for and rude.  Nonetheless, Kings of Leon did do one positive adjustment that other Soundspace bands do not do, and that was play a 13 song set. Usually a short 4-6 song is played but Kings of Leon doubled that amount.

            There was hardly any crowd interaction throughout the set but the fans did not seem to mind much. The band performed songs including, Closer; Wait For Me; Crawl; Don’t Matter; Use Somebody; Temple and they closed their set with none other than, Sex on Fire. After the performance, fans exited the space with smiles on their faces and free custom posters from the show.If you missed the show, you can watch the live webcast for 24 hours, following the performance here:

Review by: Nicole Lemberg