Children of Bodom



Children of Bodom

March 28, 2014

Irving Plaza-  New York City, NY 


            Children of Bodom performed the first of two shows to end  their successful Halo of Blood tour in New York City at the legendary Irving Plaza with supporting acts Death Angel and Tyr. Hours before the doors opened, the line to get into Irving Plaza snaked around the block in anticipation of what would prove to be a memorable night for all in attendance. Tyr opened up with a short set of some intelligent Viking metal and sufficiently warmed up the crowd and security for a marathon of crowd-surfing and moshing.

           Children of Bodom 1 Death Angel took the stage with some powerhouse riffs and immediately the bodies started flying around as the photo pit took on a dangerous atmosphere. Shortly after the second song started it was declared the pit was too crazy by security and all the media was escorted out as NYC really came to party. The furor intensified throughout Death Angels machine-gun guitar driven set, with lead singer, Mark Osegueda taking the time to thank the floor for the energy which the band could only hope to reciprocate. Before the last song he again praised NYC for being one of kind, to never give in to societies expectations and to do what makes you happy despite anyone else.

By the time Children of Bodom took the stage, the floor was packed with eager metal-heads chanting “Bodom, Bodom, Bodm”. The band tore into Sixpounder while lead singer/guitarist, Alexi Laiho sprayed the audience with beer from his mouth. The crowd was super aggressive, again the photo-pit being evacuated prematurely due to “excessive crowd surfers” after the second song.

            The sixteen song set, which included songs Halo of Blood and In your Face was done at a frantic pace, with most of the crowd interaction coming in the form of refreshing water bottles being thrown into the thirsty floor. The nights highlight happened when Laiho asked the crowd for one thing at that was for everybody to lose their minds and circle pit-mosh, the crowd was happy to respond in a way that only New York City can. The night ended with many thanks to the exhausted but exuberant audience for a great night of thrashing.

Review by: Shayne Hanley


Children of Bodom

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