Birds of Tokyo

Birds of Tokyo

April 3 2014

Red Bull Soundspace at KROQ Studios- Los Angeles, CA


            The first Red Bull Soundspace show of April took place on April 3, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. All the way from Australia, Birds of Tokyo graced the stage, in the afternoon hours.

            Radio DJ, Kat Corbett introduced the 5 man band to the stage and pointed out that there were two Adam’s, two Ian’s and 1 Glen. Lead singer, Ian Kenny, answered a couple questions from Corbett and was then set free to put on a good ol’ alternative rock show.

        DSC_1730    Starting off their very short, 5 song set was When the Night Falls which is off their latest album, Lanterns. Following, was Plans and Circles off of their self-titled album from 2010, Birds of Tokyo. As the intro to Lanterns began playing, the guitar was missing.

“Wait. Hold up. Back it up.” Kenny said to the band. With the track stopped, and Adam Spark’s guitar was being tuned, keyboard player, Glen Sarangapany offered his vocals.

“I can sing the guitar part if you want.”

“You do have a beautiful voice Glen; you do sing like an angel,” Kenny responded. As Spark continued to tune the “stubborn guitar, Kenny killed some time, thanking KROQ and Red Bull.

“Again KROQ, so awesome. And I gotta say, Red Bull, you guys are doing some great things for music; you’re really getting behind it. You never doing anything in halves, you’re always very committed. It’s really a cool thing that’s happening. You’re getting bands seen; you’re getting bands heard. So much more than an energy drink.”

And with that, the band went into Laterns, the band’s first #1 single in Australia. After the song, Kenny thanked the fans again and they played their last song for the day, This Fire.

If you never heard of this band, or if they’re you’re all time favorite band, go check out this link before it’s too late to watch the whole webcast.


Review by: Nicole Lemberg