An Acoustic Evening with Sevendust


April 11, 2014

House of Blues- Los Angeles, CA

            It’s been a little over a year (March 29th, 2013, to be exact) since Sevendust has graced their presence in a Los Angeles music venue, but on April 11, 2014, that had changed. Sevendust was back in Los Angeles and that only meant one thing: it was a show you should not miss! Yes, Motorhead was a few miles away, and that too is a “must see show,” but the Sevendust show gave the fans something they’ve been longing for: an acoustic show. The people at this show weren’t fans coming to see a show; we are family, as lead vocalist Lajon Witherspoon called everyone in attendance. Family has never sung more beautifully than they did this night.

          Sevendust (9)  A Sevendust acoustic show has been something we here at Soundcheck411 have been dreaming of attending, and when “An Evening with Sevendust” was announced, we knew we could not miss this rare opportunity to see a full acoustic set by a group of talented human beings. The night included many songs you wouldn’t normally hear on a typical 7D show, which made this tour even more special. While all the songs were acoustic, it was fun to see Morgan Rose still behind a drum set destroying his cymbals and drum heads. Is there really any other way to see Morgan Rose at a  Sevendust show without his drum kit and microphone? Once again, while it was acoustic, the show was still very heavy. There were no limits to these guys jamming and putting a new meaning to the term “acoustic show.”

            On an evening like this, you wouldn’t expect to hear the usual setlist from the band, and everyone was okay with the change up. The great thing about Sevendust is that they have so much range in their music. You can one minute listen to a heavy song like Pieces to hearing a soft harmonic song like Skeleton Song just minutes later. While we are accustomed to hearing a heavy set, many of the Sevendust family have demanded a much slower set to see the side of the band they rarely get to see.  On this night in Hollywood, we were able to hear songs such as Crucified; Prayer; Xmas Day; Angel’s Son and more including songs from their upcoming album Time Travelers & Bonfires. We were also treated to a cover of Hurt by Johnny Cash, which is something the band will probably never do again after this tour is over, so this made it an even more special evening.

            An Evening with Sevendust tour rolls through the states until May 10, 2014 in Philadelphia, PA, so make sure to check out this show if you consider yourself part of the Sevendust Family. Time Travelers & Bonfires is being released on April 15, 2014 and features re-recorded versions of classic Sevendust songs, as well as a few new songs recorded just for the acoustic album.

Review by: Alex Lucero