Wayne Static

Wayne Static

April 14, 2014

 Zeros Hard Rock Club- Corpus Christi, TX


            In Corpus Christi, TX down McArdle road, tucked in the front of an apartment complex you’ll find the famous Zeros Hard Rock Club. Zero has housed such big time rockers as Trapt, Paul D’iano (Iron Maiden), Casualties, Drowning Pool, Goatwhore, Dying Fetus, Hed p.e., Smile empty Soul, D.R.I., Ill Nino Taproot, Agent Orange, Metal Church, George Lynch, Tracie Guns & the C.B.G.B’s to name a very few.  Walking into the venue on April 14, 2014 you would have seen Mikal “Bug” Cox & Miguel Rascon of We Are the Riot & Coal Chamber having a drink at the bar, discussing the events from the night before. Band members from the numerous bands slowly started entering the venue via the band entrance. The lines outside for the patrons began getting longer… The humidity of the day slowly drifted away as a cold front made itself known in South Texas.

            Black Lung Conspiracy (fronted by Trey Garcia) began the night with some much-needed metal for our diets. Splitting wigs with his vehement vocals & intense lyrics as he opened their set with March of the Tarantula! Briefly after a band introduction they kept the ball rolling with Dead inside; Vatos Del Barrio & Faith in Deceit, only to leave the crowd in awe with their phenomenal song Chains of the Fallen. Corpus Christi, Texas needs to keep an eye out for this band as they have something to say & one hell of a way of doing it. Black Lung Conspiracy is one of those bands that can be chalked up as a “Must See”.

        Corvus (9)    It wasn’t long before Corvus took over the stage blowing the crowd away with their in-time, tight performance. Corvus can only be described as if Mushroomhead had a love child with Iron Maiden & Metallica, That love child would be Corvus Starting off their set with One Man Army one of their original tracks full of heavy riffs and melodic synths complete with that beat that gets the crowd moving & jumping. Continuing their set, they blew the crowds mind with Breakdown, Winter Ashes & Redemption. Quick fingers & speedy drumming start this track of with crunchy guitars reminiscent of old-school Pantera. Their night rolled right along with Spider and the Fly; Breathe; Dystopia & finishing up their phenomenal night up with Only a Lie.

             Wiping the sweat off his brow, this photojournalist packed up his lenses and headed out the door for some much needed air as he knew what was to follow would give him the workout of his life. After finishing his cigarette and gathering his senses he reentered the venue in time for We Are The Riot to make the stage.

            Ireland native Jimmy Trigger not only fronts Los Angeles based We Are The Riot but also Denver Colorado’s very own SWITCHPiN. Jimmy Trigger began their set hard & heavy knocking the crowd out with his propensity & stentorian vocals. Veteran rockers Miguel Rascon & Mikal Cox kicked ass and took names with their taut performance, never letting up, giving there all & giving We are the Riot (13)the audience exactly what they came there for. In rapid succession they took it all to the crowd’s heads with instant hits like Murder; With your Violence; Shadows;  The Calling;  Water & exiting the stage with a personal favorite It’s Not What You Wanted. As the members of We Are the Riot, exited the stage, Drummer Mikey Cox couldn’t resist his signature stage dive like he had previously promised one adoring fan he would do. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!

            The time of the evening comes where everything slows down just when you wished it wouldn’t, as the We Are The Riot set was dismantled & replaced with Wayne static & his band’s equipment. Time kept ticking and the crowd became more restless, when out of nowhere the crowds low rumble turned to loud cheers of excitement as Wayne Static walks to the stage from the back of the venue, only thing viewable from the crowds of people swarming around him was his signature hairstyle standing every bit of two feet tall. Wayne static takes his place front, center stage to perform Wisconsin Death Trip in its entirety for the 15th Anniversary of its original release date. Pushit, began the set as it does on the LP, causing the crowd to go mental with excitement, pushing their way to the front to get an up close & personal view of the evil disco-tier as he rocked their socks right-the-fuck-off. I’m With Stupid followed suit as one expects on this phenomenal night of Rock-n-Roll Ear Candy, knocking people on their asses without a beat being missed. After the third song Bled for Days, Wayne Static, asked that the crowd be pushed back a bit so that the photojournalist squatting in front of the stage wouldn’t be squashed… The crowd obliged to which Wayne Static took a healthy shot of whiskey too.

           Wayne Static (12) The moment Love Dump began playing the crowd again made way closer to the stage pinning the photojournalist to it numerous times. One would think it would have been an awful time for said photojournalist, but the look on his face told a completely different story as he was smiles from ear to ear, only stopping long enough to wipe more sweat off his brow. Despite the good time being had by the photojournalist, the wonderful security team at Zeros Hard Rock Club surrounded him as his job still needed to be done. Not only was the security team there backing him up but two female & one male fan could be seen helping the journalist up from squatting position or from being knocked over onto the stage. The amazing night continued as one would of expected with nothing but amazing hits from the Wisconsin Death Trip L.P. Blowing out eardrums with I a;, Otsegolation; Stem; Sweat Of The Bud and never failing to give everyone their fix with Fix, but only after another shot & asking the audience in attendance for help with pills & what-not’s to help carry this phenomenal night on. Immediately following Fix came the title track Wisconsin Death Trip & The Trance Is the Motion ending the L.P, bringing members of the crowd to tears with the beautifully somber hit December. The crowd sung along mournfully to the lyrics

Still feel the cold, of long past days… I knew my worth, put in my place… it’s no surprise, I realized, sometime before December… Sun shines through haze, I put my thoughts toward future days, it’s no surprise I close my eyes, and close the door… Feeling so old, years pass like days… Fastly changing, so many ways… My eyes perceive, yes I believe, in nothing more…”

            Just when everyone thought their night had ended, Wayne, said no with 6 encores ladies and gentlemen. Beginning his encore with his hit single Dirthouse followed by Assassins of Youth, Destroyer… More shots… Followed by another hit single The Only & from off the Queen of the Damned motion picture soundtrack he then played the hit single Cold, only to kill the evening with Get To The Gone, leaving the crowd wanting more as any good performer should do.

Review by: Jared Wingate

Wayne Static

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