Twenty One Pilots- Quiet Is Violent World Tour 2014

Twenty One Pilots

May 9, 2014

 Wiltern Theater- Los Angeles, CA


The masked duo known as Twenty One Pilots brought their Quiet is Violent World Tour to Los Angeles, CA to a SOLD OUT crowd at the Wiltern Theater on May 9, 2014. Being a newer band, forming only in 2009, this band has been gaining more and more respect and reaching more people each year at a rapid pace. Their unique style may be why; they incorporate rapping, alternative rock, piano rock, synthesizers, an intense light show and more into their set and give everyone in the crowd something to dance and sing along to.

DSC_3959 Friday night at The Wiltern Theater, fans were more rowdy than ever. It was clear that the duo had many hardcore fans since the line started to form outside the venue the midnight prior to the show. After openers NONONO and Hunter Haunted warmed the crowd up, fans were more than ready and extremely anxious to see Tyler Joseph on vocals, ukulele and piano and Josh Dun on drums.

Being fashionably late, coming on stage minutes after their scheduled time, the duo were  only to be seen as their silhouettes for the first two songs, Guns for Hands and Migrane both off their latest album, Vessel. Their green masks were the only things that could be seen, but only when a quick flash of bright lights shined on them. The majority of the first two songs were strobes which made for a great spectacle and an amazing light show. By the third song, Ode to Sleep, their wardrobes changed and they were both wearing skeleton outfits, with a skeleton mask covering their faces. By the fourth song, Screen, all costumes were abandoned and the crowd couldn’t be more happy to see their faces.

The night continued with jumping, singing, rapping and dancing from both sides of the spectrum- the crowd and the band. As each song intro was played, the crowd got more and more excited. The guys did more than just interact with the crowd while on stageDSC_4009 though- they went into the crowd multiple times, Joseph going in for the first time during Holding On To You, fans, holding him up for support. Nearing the end of their set, Josh Dun and his drum set were put on top of the crowd, the fans holding him up as he and Joseph performed Semi-Automatic. To end their set (before their encore) both Dun and Joseph came to the middle of the stage and drummed back to back for Fake You Out.

As the band’s energetic set seemed to end, the band came out and did two encores, Car Radio and Trees. Something special happened during Trees because everyone in the crowd held up papers that read “Thank You” on them. Before the show, a group passed out the papers and asked everyone to hold them up to show their appreciation and how grateful they were for the band. Whatever the fans were thankful for; whether it be the lyrics which tackle issues of suicide, depression, insomnia and more or just thankful for their live show, everyone in the crowd was genuinely grateful and it was a perfect way for them to show their appreciation for Joseph and Dun and a heartwarming way for the night to end.

It is obvious why this band is gaining massive popularity in the States and overseas. Their unique musical style combined with their jaw dropping live show makes for something that all fans of music should experience. If this band is in your town and you want to experience a new type of show, go check these guys out, they will not disappoint.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg