Love and a .38 rock the Troubadour

Love And A .38

May 10, 2014

Troubaour- Los Angeles, CA

             Many modern rock bands incorporate electronic synthesizers and superficial, computer generated sounds into their music, making for artificial songs. With today’s music, it is difficult to find a straight on, solid, good ol’rock n’ roll group; a band like the previous artists who have graced the legendary Troubadour venue with just their instruments and rock charm. Those bands include The Eagles; Motley Crue; Guns N Roses and countless more. It was refreshing to finally get a taste of a rock band putting on a classic rock show on May 10, 2014; that band was none other than LA locals, Love and a .38. There wasn’t a spectacular light show, crazy props or distractions on the backing screens, it was just four guys doing what they do best, and the audience loved it.

Love And A  (2) Concerts nowadays put so much effort into production that even though it looks amazing, at times it seems like the music is just an after thought.  Although this is not always the case, it is sometimes best to experience a local band and experience how much thought and energy is put in the music. Love and a .38 did just that and the execution was great. Although they weren’t the headliner this time around, they definitely stole the show.

It doesn’t matter whether these guys are performing in front of 50 people or 5,000 people, they will give their show everything they’ve got. When there is nothing else for fans to focus at except for the musicians on stage, the musicians better entertain- and entertain they did. From jumping around the stage and leaning into the crowd, to going into the crowd and playing the tambourine on a fan’s butt, these guys were all about having a good time.

They performed a short but exciting set, which consisted of 9 songs, including fan favorites Shots on Sunset and Rock N’ Lola. Love And A  (5)They also gave fans a taste of what was to come on their newest album, by performing a new song that has yet to be titled.

Even though both new and old fans were hungry for more, their set seemed to end a blink of an eye after it begun. If you are looking for a classic rock show with guitar solos and catchy chorus’ and just a exciting live show, be sure to stay tuned for Love and a .38’s upcoming album. Hopefully their tour will go around the states for everyone to experience some Hollywood rock n’ roll.

Review by: Nicole Lemberg 


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