After 15 years, Bleeding Through bid farewell to Pomona, CA

Bleeding Through

July 13, 2014

Glass House- Pomona, CA

           Bleeding Through concluded the first weekend of their West Coast Farewell shows at the Glass House in Pomona on Sunday, July 13, 2014. The sold-out concert hall, that has been a local venue to the band since they began 15-years ago, drew large crowds of fans who were lined up outside several hours before the doors opened, each wanting to witness a piece of musical history that would occur in front of them later that evening on the Glass House stage for one final time.

Bleeding Through-8   The tour that had kicked off two nights prior in Santa Cruz, CA in a series of goodbye shows that will be occurring over three-consecutive weekends, culminating with the final performance at Anaheim’s Chain Reaction on August 3, 2014.

Celebrating a successful career that spanned 15-years and 7 studio records, Bleeding Through wasted no time opening with a trio from their 2003 record, This Is Love, This Is Murderous with the songs, Love Lost in a Hail of Gunfire; Sweet Vampirous and Number Seven With a Bullet. As expected, mosh pits and crowd surfers were present; many surfing over the railing attempted to sing along with vocalist Brandan Schieppati who was positioned along the crowd barrier.

The aggression only continued through-out the performance as Bleeding Through reached deep in their music catalogue to perform Rise and Our Enemies from their classic 2002 release, Portrait of a Goddess that saw the fans go mental over the opportunity to hear rare material.

Midway through the performance, founding guitarist Scott Danough, who returned to the band for the farewell tour following his 2007 depature, briefly stepped off stage while former guitarist Jona Weinhofen (I Killed The Prom Queen, Bring Me The Horizon) performed the songs, Declaration and Orange County Blonde and Blue that he wrote while he was a member of Bleeding Through. It was a welcomed surprise to the performance that had many in the crowd cheering on.

As a tribute to former bass player, Mick Morris (Eighteen Visions), Schieppati briefly spoke about the huge loss the music community following Morris’ passing last year. Schieppati dedicated the song, Goodbye to Death, that Morris had told him was their heaviest song ever.Wings of Plague-12

            Anti-Hero and On Wings of Lead closed out the 19-song performance as Schieppati thanked all of those who had helped Bleeding Through become what it was over the years, right before the band returned with Kill To Believe before exiting one final time.

Local metal band, Winds of Plague performed a brief set that was appeasing to their older fans.  The intro song from Decimate the WeakA Cold Day in Hell opened up the performance before the band went right into Decimate the Weak. Vocalist Johnny Plague commanded the crowd with his growls as he made his way from one side of the stage to the other. Two more vocalists made their way to the stage to lend their help in the set closer, Reloaded that saw a three-singer attack and plenty of crowd surfers throughout. Surprisingly, the performance consisted of a set list heavy Decimate the Weak but no material off their recent release, Resistance.

The newly reformed Scars of Tomorrow returned to Orange County in support of their new record, Failed Transmissions. Reformed with original members, Mike Milford and Bob Bradley and new members Michael Nordeen (The Human Abstract), Therron Francis and Sam Shepard, Scars Of Tomorrow delivered a solid set of songs including Suffocating Words; The Horror of Realization and Design Your Fate.

Review by: Robert Fayette

Bleeding Through 

Winds of Plague

Scars of Tomorrow