Nico Vega lead SOLD OUT crowd to light in Los Angeles, CA

Nico Vega

July 21, 2014

Roxy Theater- Los Angeles, CA

            With the anticipation of a new Nico Vega album since their self-titled album back in 2009, fans lined up at The Roxy Theater early in the day on Monday, July 21. The excitement was at an all time high since the band streamed the whole new album, Lead to Light the day before, which was two days before it’s release. It gave fans a chance to hear the growth and experimentation of the band and more importantly, learn the songs for the release party.

Nico Vega-8    Following an energetic, tiring set by Queen Caveat, Nico Vega made their way on stage a little past 10:00pm. The SOLD OUT room cheered in excitement as vocalist, Aja Volkman waved to the crowd with a smile on her face. The band went straight into No Home, followed by Dance. the first two songs of their latest release. From the moment Dan Epand hit the drums, Rich Koehler started playing his riffs and Volkman began singing, the crowd went crazy, hands were in the air as they danced and bobbed their heads.

Volkman expressed her gratitude for the crowd being there and her excitement for finally being able to play the new songs live. Soon after the set started, the band went into their rendition of Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra which had the crowd singing along, word by word.

During their 8th song, I Believe (Get Over Yourself), the stage was flooded with fans, who ran on from backstage, dancing and singing along. It got everyone in the audience more excited as well as the band members who smiled the whole way through. The last Nico Vega-20two songs of the set featured members of Queen Caveat who showed their love for Nico Vega and sing back up and dance along. The band thanked the crowd and walked off stage, Volkman teary-eyed because of the raw emotion and intimacy of the show. It was just seconds after the band walked off stage that fans started to chant for 1 more song. After what seemed like endless chanting and waiting, the band finally returned to the stage, while the crowd still asked for 1 more. The band stood on stage in silence looking out into the sea of people, taunting the anxious fans. But finally they ended the night with something everyone was singing along to, Witchy Night. 

The show featured not only an wide array of songs, many of which from Lead to Light, but had a fun dance party element, when members of opening bands and fans were up on stage. There was also the rock element of Nico Vega which was shown with Dan Epand’s long, fill-filled drum intros and Rich Koehler’s face melting riffs. All in all, there was a reason that this Nico Vega show was Sold Out and a reason that people were singing along to new songs when the album hadn’t been released yet. If you haven’t heard of these Los Angeles locals, then go check them out NOW!

Review by: Nicole Lemberg 

Interview with Aja Volkman 


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