Under the Influence of Music 2014 in Camden, NJ

Under The Influence of Music Tour

July 25, 2014

Susquehanna Bank Center Camden NJ

             It was just the second show of the Under The Influence of Music tour. The lineup was stacked with some of the most talented rap artists in the music industry today; Wiz Khalifa, Young Jeezy, Ty Dolla $ign, Rich Homie Quan, Sage The Gemini, Iamsu!, Mack Wilds and Dj Drama. Lawn seats became flooded with star struck anxious fans early in the day and by 8pm they began pouring into the amphitheater. With the stage being such a tight squeeze, fans in the front row were pumped at how close they were to the artists. Though to them, it wasn’t nearly close enough; pleading to the security guards, begging for them to let them on stage. While the tight squeeze seemed to be a plus, it was also difficult being so close as it made it hard to see what was going on between the middle and back of the stage, for the fans up front. In majority, this tour seemed to attract more of a younger crowd though you could still find children and adults of all ages enjoying the show also. With outfits ranging from crop tops, skinny jeans, high-waisted shorts and vans to fitted-hats, tall socks, and Nikes, the crowd was Mack Wilds   5V6A4173quite a colorful bunch.  It was hard to avoid the dominate smell of pot throughout the arena and at a point throughout the night, one may have found themselves troubled when attempting to decipher smoke from the immense amount of fog pouring from the stage. It was party central for many fans at the Susquehanna Bank Center, which staff were quick to control. Dj Drama opened up the show and continued dropping sick beats during set changeovers throughout a majority of the night. After Dj Drama’s initial opening performance, New York City’s finest, Mack Wilds took the stage. While many know him for his stellar acting career and appearances on various television shows, don’t let that fool you. Wild’s is also an incredibly talented singer and songwriter. The ladies went [Mack]wild, as the artist proceeded to put on an incredible performance.

TY Dolla $ign   5V6A4353 With a blunt in one hand and a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka in the other, Ty Dolla $ign made his way on stage as the second main act of the night. Dolla $ign’s setlist consisted of fan favorites such as Or Nah?, Irie, and Paranoid. To many’s surprise, Ty comes out strumming a guitar decked out with an “Or Nah?” sticker during a segment in his song. This rap star is full of surprises!.. And what a killer performance he put on.

Following Ty Dolla $ign was artists Sage The Gemini and Iamsu!. The artists performed on stage together with additional vocals and dancers added to the mix. The artists mashed a few of their songs together creating, what seemed to be, a continuous set. Sage The Gemini play’s a variety of different songs including Gas Pedal while Iamsu! plays songs like Beat The Pussy UP in which the rappers are featured, among many others.

Considered to be among Atlanta’s ‘Rising generation of rappers’, Rich Homie stole the stage immediately after leaving young female fan’s jaws dropping. The ladies went crazy, screaming and reaching for 24 year old Dequantes Lamar, better known as, Rich Homie Quan. Quan also played a fun set. Fans sang along at the top of their lungs at every opportunity–a little louder for Type Of Way, which seemed to be a crowd favorite.

Next up was a moment anticipated by fans since the beginning of the night, and probably even months before that– Young Jeezy to hit the stage.  With Jeezy spelled out with lit up letters across the stage, and a beautiful light show,  it was evident that Jeezy’s production team really knew what they were doing. His set up was flawless and so colorful–extremely appealing to the eye. Fans were practically in tears with excitement anxiously waiting for him to begin. If you were in the general vicinity of these screaming girls, you’d understand when I tell you your ears would be ringing for days. Walking on stage, supporting a struggling ‘homie’, Jeezy shouted “Free my nigga Meek Mill.” [In addition to the artists who previously did the same]. Young Jeezy gave the fans what they wanted, tearing up the stage from all angles. The rap artist played a ton of familiar songs, including some older favorites such as hit song featuring Akon, Soul Survivor, and Go Getta. Jeezy continued his set performing some of his latest hits such as R.I.P. and My Nigga in which he, along with Rich Homie Quan, are both featured, and many others.  Up to this point in the night, Young Jeezy definitely drew the biggest crowd. Jeezy was a perfect transition into final act of the night, Wiz Khalifa.  Wiz Khalifa IMG_9917

Wiz Khalifa was insane! He was elevated on stage through a riser towards the back of the stage set up with his back turned to the crowd, creating a sense of mystery. The big screen in front of him projected his face, blowing clouds of smoke as he entered onto his set. Towards the beginning of his set the lights were extremely red; not an a real flattering color but ideal for the flames being projected behind him. It really added a nice touch to the overall mood to the beginning of Wiz’s performance. Production utilized a loud pop of what sounded like confetti, accompanying Khalifa’s entrance with moments of CO2 release throughout the rest of his set. It was an exciting performance to say the least; keeping the fans on their toes. With a gold or gold plated microphone accented with pot leafs, dressed in high-top Vans, skinny jeans, a jean jacket and bandana, Khalifa can be deemed the definition of rapping with style. The amount of emotion in his expression, and passion exploding from the lyrics he sings and or raps, his performance will leave you speechless. As his set progressed he asked the crowd how many of them had a dream. He proceeded to encourage his fans to follow their dream, whatever it is, because [he explains] just being here, is a dream come true.

Wiz Khalifa is an artist that is all about being true to yourself, being proud of who you are, and following your dreams; an example to be followed by many.

Review by: Liana Marie 


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