No need to panic, Panic! At the Disco come to Los Angeles

Panic! At the Disco

August 26, 2014

Greek Theater- Los Angeles, CA

      The Gospel Tour headlined by Panic! At The Disco continued their North American tour though Los Angeles, performing at the Greek Theatre before an open aired audience. Currently promoting their fourth studio album Too Weird To Live, To Rare To Die the four-piece act kicked off their twenty-two song set list with Vegas Lights. Fog machines, fluorescent neon lights and strobes decorated the stage from the first guitar note. Lead singer Brendon Urie stood tall behind a keyboard as he blasted vocals onto the microphone stand. It didn’t take much time to reach back to the debut album and play some songs to ignite the summer crowd as Time To Dance lifted people from their seats.

Panic! At the Disco   01The crowd transformed into a full-fledged vocal participation behind every lyric. Across the theatre, a sea of bright hue lights snapped pictures and recorded videos appearing much like fireflies in the abyss. The on stage energy and musical riot transcended into the Hollywood Hills before, during and after each song was performed. But timing played an amazing role throughout the night. The adequate pauses and breathing stretches the band took gave the crowd enough time to explode upon hearing their favorite hits, much like The Ballad Of Mona Lisa. Urie appeared less vocal in terms of crowd participation and comical relief stories that provided a stern focus on a longer set list.

With four album under their belts, Panic! At The Disco have displayed their journey throughout the music industry, before fans and peers. A sense of respect and admiration can be suggested from many, especially their fearless efforts towards covers. Plenty of spectators cringe at the idea of some other band paying tribute to their favorite classic, but Panic! At The Disco’s rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen did justice and could possibly make Adam Lambert rethink job security. Before ending their five-week tour, the band takes their music overseas to South Africa and Brazil. They have a homecoming appearance in Las Vegas with the Life Is Beautiful Festival before finishing the year. Mexico is the only listed date for 2015 in April, with more dates surely to be announced in the upcoming months.

Review by: Jacob Gaitan