Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival takes on Los Angeles

Rockstar Energy presents: UPROAR Festival

September 16, 2014

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater- Los Angeles, CA

        On September 16, 2014, the Rockstar Energy drink Uproar Festival came to Los Angeles, CA. Some of the downsides to the show was the heat, the traffic and that is was on a Tuesday. Those 3 things combined made for a rather empty looking Amphitheater but the band’s did not disappoint.

Ending the day off at the side stage, Escape the Fate performed a energetic fun set which had the hot and sweaty crowd, moshing and singing along. Singer, Craig Mabbitt commanded the stage and the crowd, trying to get them involved as much as possible and in between some jokes, the band put on a solid set.

UPROAR FESTIVAL_-1After Buckcherry performed on the main stage, the Amphitheater was slowly filling up. Skillet was up next and the crowd was more than ready to see this Alternative rock, Christian band. The singing duo of bassist, John Cooper and drummer, Jen Ledger really stuck out for a tour of solely male singers. The band had tremendous energy that was hard to overlook, and let’s not forget how difficult it is to play drums and sing at the same time. Lead guitarist, Korey Cooper was showing her skills while running around the stage and jumping off of everything possible. Although the crowd wasn’t as big as it should have been, fans were singing all the hits and non hits with the band. Additionally, Tate Olsen and Jonathan Chu on Cello and Violin added a really interesting classical aspect to the rock sound and they to were jumping up and down. When they weren’t running around the stage, they were on platforms which were on both sides of the drums, and they slowly raised up to the sky as the songs went by. They did not only play great songs not but they were equally fun to watch as performers. Songs of the night included Hero, Monster, Awake and Alive and others.

Next up was post-grunge, hard rockers from South Africa, Seether. The trio performed to a slightly fuller venue, although again, it wasn’t as full as it would be, had this festival been on a Saturday. Following the super energetic band, Skillet, it seemed like Seether performed a rather boring set. They didn’t have as good stage presence as the previous acts but they still performed a decent set which included songs, Fake It, Words As Weapons and an acoustic version of their hit song, Broken. Again, they were somewhat forgettable when lined up with these other artists. UPROAR FESTIVAL_-71

By the time headliner, Godsmack took the stage, the venue was pretty full, aside from multiple sections and the heat was slowly going away. The band hit the stage hard, starting their 14 song set with 100hp and Cryin’ Like a Bitch. The two hits instantly had everyone standing up and singing along. Constantly, flames we shooting out of cylinders, heating the plenty hot crowd. Along with their lighting, it added cool visual affects which the crowd appreciated.  Hits of the night included Voodoo, Whatever and the closing song of the night, I Stand Alone. 

The 2014 Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival was defiantly an interesting show this year. It hosted an array of talent and genres. The line up was for sure something people should have made more of an effort to see, but it was a work/school night and traffic at that time really prevented many of the fans from attending. Those who were in attendance got a more intimate show which hit on all notes. The bands didn’t let the lack of fans  change the way they would perform, and they gave it all they had. Until next time Uproar!

Review by: Nicole Lemberg 




Escape the Fate