Attila & Crown the Empire, Rock Corpus Christi, TX To It’s Core!

Attila and Crown the Empire on the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour
November 19, 2014
Concrete Street Amphitheater- Corpus Christi, TX

        The very young Corpus Christi crowd was already good & pumped up from the previous two bands; Sworn in & Like Moths to Flames… The venue became packed early, before the first band had even hit the stage…  Crown the Empire’s gear was being set up quicker than usual & wasn’t long before the Dallas, Texas based band took to the stage. Formed in 2010 the band has one EP and 2 full length albums & had just returned to America from their UK tour, ready to rock Corpus Christi to its very foundation(s)…
JHW_1263The band hit the stage and the crowd loses it with energetic excitement, tiny female voices could be heard screaming from the crowd “WE LOVE YOU!” while the smell of high quality THC filled the open faced venue. One of the band members comes over the mic stating “I smell something GOOD!” it was at about that time Crown the Empire, begun their 7 song set-list for the well-received fans. Crown the Empire opened up their set with Initiation the first single off their second album The Resistance. The album has received critical acclaim & has peaked at #1 On Billboards Hard Rock Albums, Billboards Independent Albums & Billboards Top Rock Albums and has peaked at #7 on us Billboards top 200
Crown the Empire continues their set with the 11th track of their 2nd studio album blowing the crowd away with Bloodline. The phenomenal song was only made better by hearing it live & loud. The crowd became even more excited than before as body surfers were being passed to the front and handed off to the pit security. The mosh-pit opened wide spiraling people into the center, where teenaged angst was taking place as kids of every age were deep into their rage dancing; taking their anger out as they wildly punch the air. Crown the Empire continued on with Machines, the 4th track off The Resistance… Machines starts off soft and melodic with some heavy bass percussion(s) before picking up the pace and smashing in the faces of every fan in attendance lyrically. The unbridled emotion that is expressed with in this amazing 4 minute song was enough to grab everyone in the venue by the heart & give it a well-deserved squeeze.
Before beginning the 4th track of the night frontman Andrew Velasquez addressed the crowd; introducing the band members & elaborating that they had just returned from the UK and Corpus was “Our first stop”. Velasquez then expressed his excitement that the venue had two large TV screens near the stage stating “YOU HAVE T.V. SCREENS! I’m on T.v. Guys!” Crown the Empire continued this epic night with Mnstr; Makeshift Chemistry; Rise of the Runaways and ended this prodigious night with The Fallout leaving the crowd as any good band does, and that’s wanting more!JHW_1628
Attila, quickly took over where Crown the Empire left off. Not giving the crowd time to calm down as the Rap-core metal band began their set immediately, if not
sooner… Attila opened their night with Proving Grounds the 6th track off their 6th studio album, Guilty Pleasure. The band continues their musical onslaught of lyrical assault with Hellraiser; Rage; Sex, Drugs & Violence; Break Shit before frontman Chris “Fronz” introduced himself and the band to the already excited crowd. “You Know What?” asked Fronz to the crowd. “Attila shows don’t have rules! So I want to see everyone crowd surfing right up here and give us a high 5” At about that time the Concrete Street Security team looked at each other with the look that says “Here We Go!” Fronz introduced the next song Middle Fingers Up demanding that he sees the middle finger of every fan in attendance that night. As the band played the amazing track the security team became very busy as the fans were being surfed to the front one right after the other… As soon as one fan’s feet would hit the ground the security team had to grab another. One young Attila fan actually made it up on stage during a guitar solo; tu-whit frontman Fronz gave the kid a high-five. With no time left to spare the fan decided he would jump back into the crowd over the photo pit, only to land hip first onto the barrier. The security team politely grabbed him pulling the fan off the barrier and ushering him off stage right…
Attila’s night continued with the band pumping out 6 more instant hits like, Shots for the Boys; Payback; Temper; Horsepig, Gimmicks and Lie$; and ended the set with Callout. Callout starts off with some old school mouth beatboxing, from Frontman Fronz; creating the beat as the heavy guitar & drum begins the track. Callout is heavily based off shit talkers, & sluts but has a beat that immediately has you bobbing your head to the percussions and bass-lines as a low heavy bass punches each fan directly in the chest…
Attila’s night ended, but the crowd was far from finished as they started chanting “ONE MORE SONG” over and over again, causing the band to re-enter the stage to give the anxious crowd a 2 song encore with Party With The Devil & About That Life. When this tour comes to a venue near you be sure to catch it as I promise it is money well spent…
Review by: Jared Wingate 


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