Converse x Deafheaven: Rubber Tracks Series Hits The Sinclair

November 20, 2014
The Sinclair- Cambridge, MA

      On November 20, Deafheaven came to Cambridge, MA to play a free show as part of the Converse Rubber Tracks live music series, which is a free tour, sponsored by Converse that has been traversing the world with different bands.

Deafheaven _MG_0461Deafheaven has been somewhat of an enigma to me, mainly because I have been trying to see them multiple times, yet each time, something has prevented me from doing so. Finally, the time has come. The New High Hymnal, a band from Boston, were the opening band and they put on a great show. Their music is accessible to a variety of people, no matter their own preferences. The end of the set was where singer, Hadden Stemp, climbed into the crowd and the rest of the band got just as rowdy.

Deafheaven, from San Francisco, are what some would call a rarity. They fuse black metal elements with ambient sounds and post-rock, with their most recent record, Sunbather, doing extremely well commercially. The band put on one of the best shows I have seen. The moment singer George Clarke came onto the stage, the crowd surged forward, myself in the middle. Clarke takes on a whole new persona once on stage, almost as if possessed. The band was formed by himself and guitarist Kerry McCoy and they are set to release their third album in the coming year or so.

Review by: Christian Napolitano 


The New High Hymnal