Silverstein 10 Year Anniversary Tour Comes To Los Angeles

January 30, 2014
House Of Blues Sunset Strip

      Canadian post-hardcore band Silverstein kicked off 2015 with a 10th anniversary tour in honor of their 2005 sophomore album Discovering the Waterfront, which sold 26,229 copies in its first week. The tour, aptly named the “Discovering the Waterfront 10 Year Anniversary Tour”, has nearly 40 shows spanning the US and Canada, and support from Beartooth, Hands Like Houses, Major League, and My Iron Lung.
Doors were not to be opened until 7, but a long line had already formed around the block by 4. Distraught fans who hadn’t bought tickets for the sold out show in time scurried around Hollywood in a frantic search for extras. There was an electric buzz in the air- on the other end of those double doors was an energy filled concert just waiting to happen. The opening bands received great feedback from the crowd. After playing only 3 songs, Beartooth vocalist Caleb Shomo excitedly exclaimed, “this is the best show we’ve ever played in LA.” The audience was on their feet the entire time, jumping, dancing, and screaming.
To say the crowd was ecstatic when Silverstein began their set would be an understatement. Frontman Shane Told hyped up the crowd between songs didn’t stand still for a moment. The band played both old songs new, but kept the same high level of energy throughout the entire performance. If you ever have a chance to see Silverstein play, take it.
Review by: Sarah Mankoff