Pitbull & Enrique Iglesias Play To A Sold Out Corpus Christi, TX Crowd

Pitbull & Enrique Iglesias
February 5, 2015
American Bank Center- Corpus Christi, TX

         February 5, at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. Fans of all ages, creeds & color came out to represent their undying fandom for the dual headliners. What can only be described as hordes of people began droning in 4 x 4. A loud voice came over a bullhorn; ushering the patrons into the venue as we patiently waited at the Media Entrance. Colombian native, J Balvin charged the crowd with his stimulating performance kicking the night off with his style of Reggaeton. The fans could barely keep their place as hundreds could be seen dancing in the aisles as the ushers calmly walked them back to their seats. Balvin’s set ended as fast as it began but with the exact same energy as the first song on the set-list. The crowd cheered him on as he began exiting the stage with his dancers & band members.
JHW_1951On time Pitbull took to the stage with his dancers first, dawned in bright red suite jackets and black lingerie. The two dancers stood on either side of the catwalk staring at each other with smiles ear to ear. They began taking off down the runway as more dancers joined them on stage. Pretty soon Pitbull followed behind them dressed in a high class suit & sunglass, opening up the night with a 15 title set-list including a 3 song Encore. Kicking it off right, Pitbull opened up with Don’t Stop the Party, the 3rd single of Pitbull’s 7th Studio album Global Warming. No sooner than the song began, his dancers tore off their bright red suit tops; revealing their skin tight lingerie onesie & began strutting their stuff, completely owning the stage with Pitbull as he pumped the crowd from stage left to right & right down the runway til the song ended Don’t Stop the Party hit the charts internationally including eight different Billboard charts.
After brief interaction with the fans he picked right back up with International Love, the 4th single off his 6th studio album Planet Pit. Garnering Pitbull the #1 position on the Billboard US Hot Dance Club Songs. Women and little ladies ranging from all races & ages again could barely hold their seats as the performance rolled right along with hits like, Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor) the lead single off Pitbull’s 2010 album Planet Pit which peaked at #5 on Billboard’s US Mainstream top 40. With no time to spare the night rolled right along with Get It Started; Rain Over me… Before he sang Vivir mi vida/Danza Kuduro he gave a little bit of his background in a way we can all relate to, bringing the fans in attendance a little closer to his heart and mind, & began singing Vivir mi vida/Danza Kuduro. As the crow flies, so did this phenomenal night as Pitbull, his dancers and band continued with Echa Pa’lla (Mano’s Pairriba) and blowing the crowd away with his 3rd official single off his 5th studio album Armando, with Bon Bon (We No Speak Americano). Directly after, Pitbull played Back In Time. Back In Time was originally released as the lead single for the hit sci-fi film Men In Black III but never made an appearance on the O.S.T… Instead, it was released as the lead single from Pitbulls 7th Studio Album Global Warming. Off Pitbull’s 2014 album Globalization he played Fireball which was certified platinum with 1,000,000 copies sold in the United States alone & was released as the second single from Pitbull’s 2014 album…
In rapid succession the night rolled along with Shake/Culo; I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho); On The Floor/ I like it/ Dj Got Us Fallin’ In Love & And ending the night with Hotel Room Service. But not before a 3 song encore that included the lead single off the October 2013 extended EP Meltdown; with Timber. Pitbull knocked them dead with Feel This Moment, & revived them with Give Me Everything. As the last song pounded on, confetti cannon’s blew off as Pitbull left the JHW_2095stage walking backwards slowly with one hand in the air as the crowd gave him a standing ovation.
Enrique Iglesias, born in Madrid, Spain & the son of multi-million dollar Spanish singer & songwriter Julio Iglesias and socialite/magazine journalist Isabel Preysler. Enrique began his music career in the mid 90’s releasing his first debut self-titled album Enrique Iglesias. The album sold half a million copies in the first week and was certified gold in Portugal within that very week & moving on to sell more than a million copies within the month worldwide. The album wrought 5 singles including Si Tu Te Vas; Experencia Religiosa: Por Amarte; No Llores Por Mi & Trapecista. Also garnering Enrique a Grammy for best Latin Pop Performance.
On the 5th of February 2015, Enrique Iglesias found himself in the heart of Corpus Christi, Texas with Pitbull to promote his new album Sex & Love. Via a phenomenal live show that will be talked about in south Texas for ages to come. As Pitbulls stage equipment was being packed up and taken off stage the top 40 hits were being played over the loud speakers. Two individuals in particular took it upon their selves to pass time with their own dance routine whilst at their seats. One song passed unto the other and pretty soon one of the individuals found himself dancing to and lip-syncing the words of Icona Pop’s I love It down the aisles, complete with the fishing pole move and everything.
Iglesias came on stage right as the intro to hit single I’m A Freak started playing. Darting to the stage, dressed in black leather pants & red T-shirt grabbing the mic with a vengeance, exclaiming his never ending passion for women, the way they move and this undying fact that he is indeed a freak with a one-track-mind. All seats in the venue became empty, as all patrons were dancing with their significant others, and or someone else’s. Iglesias dashed up one ramp to excite the crowd while the lyrics to his hit single were spat from his lips. Before one could see he was already on stage right ramp exciting the people on stage right before speeding down the runway & back to his mic… I’m A Freak is the 3rd English single and overall the 5th single on Enrique Iglesias’s international deluxe edition of his 10th studio album and was the first single on the album to be released internationally.
The sold out crowd received Iglesias with loud cheers of joy. Iglesias’ repaid the favor by moving on to the next track on his set-list, I Like How It feels which is based off his life on tour and the wonderful people that become a part of his life on his journey. Accompanied with heavy hitting bass & acoustic guitar along with JHW_2279some catchy whistled tune during the bridge, the song hits harder the louder he sings pumping the crowd even harder with every hit off the bass. Poppy synths & bass began the next song on Enrique’s set-list with, Finally Found You. The song Finally Found You, even had the hardest of men in the audience bouncing their heads to the tracks catchy riffs and bass hits. No one was safe from this song, not even the elderly. Beautiful Spanish acoustic guitar began the next song, Baliamos. The arena was packed to the ceiling with fans waving their hands back and forth to the music & like magic Iglesias appears at the back of the venue on a small circular stage surrounded by lights as he belted the Spanish lyrics out to the audience who was filled beyond joy, just to be there on this fateful evening…
The night moved right along with more hits like El Perdedor; Loco; Cuando me enamoro; Ordinary World & Be with You. Being played back on the main stage and giving the back venue another up close and personal performance from the small circular stage finishing off the night with Escape; Tonight (I’m Fucking You); Bailando & ending it big with I Like it. I Like it being the first single off Enrique’s first bilingual studio album, Euphoria. The album Euphoria peaked at #1 twice on both US Top Latin Albums & US Latin Pop Albums.
A show not to miss people, a night filled with A List performance’s from 3 of the world’s top performance artists. You seriously can’t afford to miss it!
Review by: Jared Wingate 

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