Behemoth In The Land Of Mormons

February 5, 2015
The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT

“Salt Lake. The land of the Mormons… in the heart of the lion. It’s time to set this world on fire… Are you ready?”
    Behemoth is on tour for their album of The Satanist, which was also best metal album of 2014. Cannibal Corpse also released a new album, A Skeletal Domain. Behemoth is currently headlining the Winter Tour 2015 with supporting acts; Cannibal Corpse, Aeon and Tribulation.
    Cannibal Corpse’s set was up, and they were definitely eager to play for the fans that showed up. Lights dimmed down to red & they kicked off with Scourge of Iron followed by Demented Aggression and Eviseration Plague. George Fisher announced they’ve had a new album out for some time now and would play a song from it just for his Utah fans, which the crowd roared and started head banging to! Cannibal Corpse was ending their set as they finished playing Stripped, Raped and Strangled, Kill or Become, Sadistic Embodiment, Icepick Lobotomy and more from their previous albums. Soon, the time has come for their last song. Fisher Winter Tour_2/5/15;SLC,UTsaid, “Well well.. Unfortunately this is our last song.. We want to thank you for coming out except for the douche bags throwing fucking bottles at us. Are you ready?! Get your fucking asses in the pit!!! Do you want one more song?!” the crowd roared back, “That was not good enough, Do you want one more song?!” The crowd roared louder than ever as Cannibal Corpse ended with Devoured by Vermin.
Behemoth is by far one of the most intense death metal bands live. Adam Darski, frontman of Behemoth, approached the stage while holding torches that were lit with fire in both hands, then bowed down to the crowd. After setting down the torches, Behemoth started playing Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer. For being in the Mormon capital of the world, Behemoth shocked, rocked and let their fans’ inner beast out for the night. Like a pit full of snakes, the crowd swayed, and moved to their instrumental sounds during Conquer All, Ben Sahar, Messe Noire, Ov Fire and The Void and Slaves Shall Serve. Behemoth put up one hell of show, especially during Chant for Eschaton 2000, which the drummer, Zbigniew Prominski, put up his drum solo giving it his all! As Behemoth was finishing the concert, their fans didn’t seem to have enough. The fans started chanting “One more song! One more song!” Behemoth appeared back on stage with their masks on, and played their final encore song, O Father O Satan O Sun!
This is truly a unique show you don’t want to miss out, and be sure to catch the Winter Tour 2015.
Review by: Daisy Beltran

Cannibal Corpse