Metalachi Brings The Loco Train To A Sold Out Viper Room

February 6, 2015
Viper Room- Los Angeles, CA

     Metalachi is the world’s first and only heavy metal mariachi band. They hail from Juarez, Mexico and have been blessing the USA with their shenanigans for several years now. Just who is Metalachi? They are five brothers that do rock and metal covers using mariachi instruments. It sounds a bit farfetched at first, but a quick YouTube search will bring up the band doing covers of classics such as Motley Crüe’s Shout at the Devil, Rage Against the Machine’s Killing in the Name, Motorhead’s Ace of Spades, a mix of Metallica and Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train, and a ton more. With a huge increase in their popularity over the past couple of years, Metalachi was set to play to a sold out crowd at the infamous Viper Room on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. The five brothers of Vega De La Rockha (vocals), Maximilian “dirty” Sanchez (violin), El Cucuy (trumpet), Paco Halen (guitar), and El Nacho Picante (bass) were about to give old and new fans a show they weren’t about to forget anytime soon.
Metalachi came on stage and the crowd gave them a thunderous cheer as soon as the curtains split. Metalachi opened their set with their rendition of the song Metalachi-11Guadalajara, but changed the lyric to “Metalachi”. For their first cover, they did nice by choosing Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train. If you’re familiar with the song, it sounds just like original song, but performed with mariachi instruments. So the guitars are done with the violín and trumpet alternatives. Their outfits are very interesting as well as they take after glam and heavy metal and bands like Rob Zombie, KISS, and GWAR. It’s very interesting to watch and once you get used to how they work, you end up not caring and just wind up having a great time which is what their shows are all about. Other songs songs in their setlist included: Whitesnake‘s Here I Go Again, Faith No More‘s Epic, AC/DC‘s Back In Black, Guns N’ Rose‘s Sweet Child O’ Mine, and Slayer‘s Raining Blood. The best part of the show has to be when they pause the show to bring up a random girl on stage with them, sit her down on on chair, and have their ways with her. From a lap dance to having El Cucuy singing a song by Vicente Fernández in a perfect impersonation of his voice. In between songs, Metalachi would stop and tell the crowd stories, whether it was about traveling the USA or sexual experiences. Either way, they always have the crowd bursting with laughter. After shows, Metalachi always comes out to greet fans for photos and autographs which is always a huge plus for any band. Metalachi is a very humorous and entertaining band and anyone who’s looking for a good time with a band should definitely check them out as they tour the USA regularly and are never a disappointment.
Review by: Misael Ruiz