Salt Lake City, Can I Get A “Hellyeah!?”

February 13, 2015
The Complex- Salt Lake City, UT

      Metal fan or not, if you’re coming to see HellYeah expect to see a show that’ll shake you to your core. Right now the metal super group is headlining the tour for their newest album “BLOOD FOR BLOOD”. Also debuting their re-released studio album Time &Pressure is Devour the Day. Opening for these bands is New Zealand’s own Like a Storm.
    The atmosphere was most certainly set by Like a Storm. Clearly distinguishing their sound from the rest  by having front man Chris Brooks set the stage with his mastery of the didgeridoo. The group quickly charged up the crowd by playing their single Chemical Infatuation  then followed up with their metal rendition of Gangsters Paradise. They closed their set with Love the Way You Hate Me and left the crowd hungry for what was yet to come.
Next up was Devour the Day. When they entered the stage their lead singer Blake Allison blew the crowd away. His strong, powerful, vocals carried well through the darkened venue complimented by Joey “Chicago” Walser’s bass line  and filled the room with a renewed sense of awe. Their song Get Outta My Way made it clear what they were going for and the fans knew just what they needed to do, shout “Get these devils off my back!”  They finished their set with Blackout readying the fans for the last act. With their set now over the energy in the room now turned to anticipation. It was time for HellYeah to remind us why they’re still around and kicking.
      Metal Therapy is what front man Chad Grey calls it. The reason we gather at these kinds of shows is to find ourselves a mid a sense of unity and an escape from Blood For Blood Tour_2/14/15;SLC,UTwhat we call the everyday grind. With that in mind the crowd exploded with enthusiasm; every bass note, guitar wail and drum line was complimented with a head bang to their songs Matter of time, Blood for Blood, Demons In the Dirt, Waging War, Moth, Cross To Bier, and DMF. During the middle of the set HellYeah took some time out to thank the bands on tour with them, the fans for their undying enthusiasm and support and made some honorable mentions to the men and women of the American Armed forces. Reminding everyone that some moments you just have to live and love every minute of, because others have given their lives for our opportunity to do so.
    HellYeah continued to hold everyone under their heavy metal spell, each member in perfect electrifying swells that made the fans yearn for more. It was obvious the band’s combined passion never wavered, their skills as musicians only growing sharper as time went on. When it was time for the band to finish their set the room was still in buzz of unburned energy and as if they could read the thoughts of their fans HellYeah came back with not only one, but two encore songs; You Wouldn’t Know and Cowboy Way.
Catch the Blood for Blood tour before it’s too late, only 3 more weeks before they conclude their tour March 8th in Atlanta, GA. Don’t pass up an opportunity to see any of these amazing artists or hear their awesome sound while they’re still on tour.
Review by: Max Christopher Prada 


Devour the Day

Like a Storm