Never Shout Never & Me Like Bees Run Away To California

Never Shout Never & Me Like Bees
February 21, 2015
Troubadour- Los Angeles, CA

      The Mid Winter’s Night Dream Acoustic Tour hit West Hollywood, stopping in at The Troubadour on Saturday night. Doors Opened at 6 but the line was formed along the block for a couple hours before then. Immediately as the doors opened, people rushed inside to try and get as close to the stage as they could.
Opening band Me Like Bees from Joplin, Missouri kicked off the show. The band played 6 songs off their album The Ides as well and mixing it up with a cover of Lorde’s White Teeth Teens. The crowd was definitely receptive to the band whether they had listened to them before or not; with everyone singing along or beginning too once they caught onto the chorus of a song. Hopefully we’ll be getting another album out of these guys soon. They definitely picked up a crowd of new fans at this show and will probably continue to do so on the rest of the tour.
Never Shout Never7Never Shout Never began at 8:45 but not before making a few quick showings up through the windows where artists wait to take the stage. These sightings resulted in plenty of screaming from the crowd below. The band started off with an older song, On The Brightside, which had the entire crowd cheering and singing along with every word. For a few of their songs they were joined on stage by three violinist and a cellist for the added ambiance. They continued, playing newer songs mixed in with a few of the Never Shout Never classics that fans from 2009 and before would have remembered. The band announced before playing a new song that there was an album being released in the next year. The band was very interactive with the crowd, responding to them almost everytime someone would yell something up at them. The crowd and band were both clearly enjoying themselves, the guys joking about different things on stage like their attempt to write a song using sounds from the old cartoon Johnny Bravo before playing a Seven Nation Army cover. They ended the show with an encore, playing their song California from the 2010 album What is Love? This was just the second date of the tour so anyone who has the chance should definitely catch this lineup on a future date if they’re able to do so.
Review by: Marissa Sandoval 

Never Shout Never

Me Like Bees