Frank Iero: Life After My Chemical Romance

Frank Iero and the Cellabration
February 19, 2015
Middle East Downstairs- Cambridge, MA

     When My Chemical Romance had announced that the band was coming to an end, many had wondered what would happen in the aftermath of such a high profile break up. Singer Gerard Way had decided to go the route of a solo artist, while most of the other members had decided to continue in musical endeavors, whether in new bands or other forms of musical acts. Guitarist Frank Iero had previously formed a punk band by the name of Leathermouth, which is where he had immediately returned to. Recently though, Iero has been fronting a very different act, entitled Frank Iero and the Cellabration.
The band was formed in 2012, with all of the music being written and recorded by Iero, except for drums, which were played by former My Chemical Romance drummer, Jarrod Alexander. The debut album, Stomachaches, was born from Iero dealing with painful digestive issues and this lead to his creation of the songs. The songs on the album all focus on youthful themes of searching for love and acceptance in the world, with a slightly shoegaze, grunge sounds that would feel right FRANK IERO_-7at home in a basement, small club or even a garage, if you will.
I had the pleasure of photographing Frank Iero and the Cellabration on the first headlining tour that came to the Middle East in Cambridge, MA. The first opening act was Modern Chemistry, an alternative rock band from New Brunswick, New Jersey. The band was a great choice for Iero, as they are from a similar area and have a sound that is reminiscent of bands such as Rise Against, Taking Back Sunday, and The Used, with the latter two being tour mates of Iero.
The second act to accompany The Cellabration was that of The Homeless Gospel Choir, an acoustic/folk act from Pittsburgh, PA. One may think that having an acoustic act on a such as this may seem strange, but the themes present in the lyrics can be attributed to the other bands on the tour, with some dealing with politics, equality, rights, etc.
Once the Cellabration had taken to the stage, the crowd was more than ready. The band played through a multitude of songs, with very high energy and no signs of slowing down. This band is definitely one to keep on the radar as time goes on.
Review by: Christian Napolitano 

Frank Iero and the Cellabration

The Homeless Gospel Choir
Modern Chemistry