Hometown Heroes, Chelsea Grin Kick Off Their Tour In SLC

Chelsea Grin
March 6, 2015
Murray Theater – Salt lake City, UT

       Chelsea Grin is on tour for their album Ashes to Ashes. This third full length album is the vision of what whole band have wanted and they are ready to show off to their fans. They kicked off their Ashes to Ashes tour on March 6, 2015 in their home town Salt Lake City, UT with supporting acts of Carnifex, Sworn In and The Family Ruin.
     Sworn In from Gray’s lake, Illinois set was the second band on the bill. Suddenly you hear the first riffs began with Xlll. Fans opened up a pit and started dancing around to the bands aggressive sound. Following was Sunshine, Hypocrisy, Mindless. Jerry Jones told their fans that if it was okay, they would play a brand new song to be realsed soon, fans gave a huge roar to this annoucement! Their set ended with Snake Eyes with fans begging for more.
Ashes To Ashes Tour_3/6/15;SLC, UT   Moving the night along was Carnifex from San Diego, California. Lights started to dim back and forth as the pit opened up bigger than it was before. Scott Lan Lewis screamed “I wanna see violence all night long!” and their loyal fans agreed and formed a circle pit. Non stop, there was head banging from some, while others chose to crowd surf to the stage. The crowd kept enchanting Hell Chose Me as it was a fitting way to end their set.
Lights dimmed down to the final set and for what most fans have been waiting for all night. Seeing their hometown heroes, Chelsea Grin up on stage is when the real show began. Alex Koehler says “Alright Salt Lake, open up a real fucking pit” as they did and began to mosh harder than before! Pledge Allegiance, Morte Eterna, Crewcabanger, Sonnet of the Wretched, My Dammnation, the biggest wall of death formed. Things cooled down Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, everyone singed as in one. The night had to come to end with Recreant.
Remember this tour just started and check the upcoming dates coming to a town near you. A must show you do not want to miss out, you have been warned.
Review by: Daisy Beltran

Chelsea Grin