The Undead Army Comes To Life To Celebrate “Day Of The Dead” With Hollywood Undead

Hollywood Undead
March 30, 2015
Troubadour- Los Angeles, CA

      On Monday March 30, 2014, the Undead Army came in full force to witness the return of Hollywood Undead. This marks Hollywood Undead’s first LA appearance since 2013, a long time for most of the dedicated fans. Their show at the Troubadour sold out almost immediately once it went on sale. The Troubadour is one of the smaller venues in Hollywood, and this show was definitely a must to see.
Not only was this the final show of the tour for Hollywood Undead, but it was an album release show to help promote their new album Day of the Dead,  and there’s no other place like Los Angeles to put on a show celebrate the release of this highly anticipated album. Walking into the Troubadour, you could feel the excitement all around you. Fan’s talked about their favorite songs, lyrics, members, masks, and pretty much anything Undead related. Probably the most interesting thing to see prior to the set starting was seeing RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad’s ‘Walter Jr.'” in attendance. What’s for breakfast? How about some Hollywood Undead!
Hollywood Undead-29 The show started on time at 9pm (starting on time is OG with us) and the band went on the small Troubadour  stage starting the night with the song Unusual Suspects from the new album Day of the Dead. To our surprise, there were plenty of fans singing along to the new song with the band. If that isn’t dedication, then we don’t know what is! The band wasted no time and went right into the song that started their career, Undead, and the place erupted with echos of song lyrics while everyone was on their feet getting some air and moving their hands to the unique rap and rock beats.
Throughout the night, fans got to experience a brotherhood that was more than just a band. These guys have been doing this for a while and you could see how happy they were to be on stage with each other and in front of the fans. That type of chemistry is hard to come by, and you can see the passion in their eyes and movement as they are on stage tearing it up. Seeing Funny Man grin from ear to ear as he lay down his verses was probably one of our highlights from seeing them this night.
Charlie Scene had brought up a small kid to the stage as they were half way through their set to make her night more memorable. Not only was it this kid’s first time seeing Hollywood Undead, but it was also her first concert experience! The crowd chanted her name and getting her hyped up to sing Comin’ in Hot  with the band. As they started playing, she sang and kept up with the lyrics, even though she probably did not understand what most of the lyrics meant. Never in our wildest imagination as a child did we imagine being on stage with our favorite artists, so we are pretty sure that kid will never forget this experience.
Songs from the night included Been to Hell, City, Bullet, No Other Place, Young, Dead Bite, Kill Everyone, Everywhere I Go, and the self titled track from the album Day of the Dead as well as many more.
It’s been a while since the Undead have been here in their hometown but the show proved that they still know how to keep a crowd entertained. The 80 minute show came to an end too soon. Our only wish from the night was that they played more, but we have to wait for another tour date until then. They will be on the main stage next month at Rock-in-Rio alongside Metallica, Linkin Park, and No Doubt. The band has come a long way to earn that main stage slot, and we are excited to see what the future holds for the band.
 Day of the Dead is out now and is available in stores and online.
Review by: Alex Lucero